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Jana Short is a renowned global influencer & mindset coach in the health and wellness industry. She is an NLP, RTT Practitioner, best selling author, public speaker, host of Oh, My Health… There is HOPE! Podcast, and Best Holistic Life magazine editor. Jana currently works creating online global influencers, teaching her clients to remove blocks holding them back and how to start that love affair with their potential online clients. She has recently been recognized and featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Entrepreneur Magazine September 2020 issue. Monica Garg’s “Influential Women of the World-Global Influencers” 2020, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine “Top 25 Entrepreneurs for 2020” issue, and the cover of December’s Best Holistic Life magazine.

Jana is getting the message of hope out into the world in a huge way, changing the world one inspiring story at a time.

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Mark Anthony transports you from here to eternity with The Afterlife Frequency



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If two people were having a heated argument in a room behind closed doors, and you walked in during a moment of silence…could you tell they were arguing? Most would say yes, absolutely. Why? Because the negative energy in the room can be felt. We all emit some form of energy. Positive energy promotes health and well-being; negative energy hinders it. Our energy is biochem- ical, electrical, and quantum physical. The first two are pretty straightforward, but quantum energy is an emerging science, and many have trouble embracing it. This should not be the case. Let me illustrate; our car radios are capable of harnessing invisi- ble quantum energy passing through the air and reproducing it as music. We all know that there’s a big difference between watching a sporting event with empty stands as opposed to a sold-out stadium. That’s because the collective energy from the crowd, or lack thereof, is easy to sense. As health enthusiasts, we should pursue the consistent creation of personal positive energy. This benefits our health and well-be- ing. The creation of this energy is best accomplished holistically. Human beings are a spirit, we have a mind, and we live in a body. To pursue health effectively, we should nurture all 3 aspects of our makeup simultaneously. Just as an orchestra experiences harmony between different instruments, our spirit, mind, and body will harmonize and produce a synergistic effect when nurtured properly. We maximize our health potential by cooperating with our natu- ral design for spirit, mind, and body. This cooperation starts by acknowledging the hierarchy of our 3-part nature. Our spir- its should be connected to God or our higher power. When they are, they’ll animate our minds in healthy ways. Our minds will then healthily animate our brains and our brains run our bodies. I suggest starting with the spiritual. If the foundation is solid, the building can withstand the storm. Similarly, our spirit is the founda- tion for holistic self-care. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I embrace the notion that our spirit should be surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ as Creator God. If that’s not you, I suggest acknowledging that there’s an intelligence behind our design. Some call this intelligence the universe or their higher power.

The point is, we must understand that we’re all a part of something greater than ourselves. We should seek more connectedness with that greater community. When we do, we bring our spirit in closer align- ment with our natural design. This fosters the creation of a posi- tive energy flow within us. For us Christians, that connectedness is all about a love relationship with God, love for others, and love for ourselves. The second part of holistic self-care is our minds (thought lives). Because of the mind-body connection, the beliefs we hold and the thoughts that follow will impact our energy and vitality for good or bad. We’ve all heard of the placebo effect. During a clinical trial, about 30% of the time, those given a sugar pill or a saline solution will experience the desired outcome the new drug is purported to elicit. These effects are not just all in the mind, they’re objective and measurable. Rather than try to dismiss the placebo effect, we should acknowledge the reality of it, and use it to our advantage. Our beliefs and thoughts should enhance our healthy pursuits, not hinder them. The final component of holistic self-care is taking care of our bodies. Physical health starts with food. Again, we should be embracing our natural design. We should be eating food as close to its God-given natural form as possible. Our food should be created by God in nature rather than created by man in a laboratory. Consume less processed food and more single-ingredient foods. Next, focus on good sleep. Get 8 hours or more per night. Our bedrooms should be peaceful, quiet, dark, and cool. Lastly, get moving. This means more than just hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week. We should incorporate movement regularly; walk outdoors daily. In an office setting, get out of the chair every 45 minutes or so and do some jumping jacks or rebounding if possible. This holistic approach maximizes our health potential by cooper- ating with our natural design. We’ll exude more consistent positive energy and people will sense our energy shift. This results in more joy and contentment flowing from our improved vitality.


M a x i m i z e Y o u r P e r s o n a l E n e r g y w i t h H o l i s t i c S e l f - C a r e

David Sandstrom is a Naturopathic Doctor, the host of the Natural Health Matters podcast, and the author of "The Christian's Guide to Holistic Health."  / david.j.sandstrom



Own Your Body Type I've always been a bigger person, on the inside and outside. If my friends were a size 5, I was a size 7. If they were a size 7, I was a size 9. I've just never been a skinny girl, no matter how good of shape I'm in. Unfortunately, inclusivity and body accep- tance wasn't really a thing when I was younger. In hindsight, it would have been very easy for me to form self-destructive habits in an effort to fit into the accepted mold of what a woman "should" look like. That never happened, thank- fully, but I'd absolutely reinforce the concept of individual uniqueness and confidence I had in myself if I could talk to a younger Gail Gensler. Living Intentionally Being confident and always competing against myself in the gym, workplace, etc. has helped me live intentionally. That's not something I knew much about as a younger person; it also wasn't a concept people talked about when I was growing up. But now, as a 60-year-old pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, I'm happy to say I've embraced living in this manner. The person you are right now will be your younger self tomorrow. Think about that. The more you live confidently and intentionally, the less you will focus on all the things you would have, could have, and should have done.

No matter how successful people are, there are always things they wish they told their younger selves. No one has things figured out right from the get-go, which is something age and experi- ence help with. But if you could go back and give yourself some useful advice? That's something everyone would love to do.

Here's what I would tell a younger Gail Gensler about how life works.

Measuring Up Against Others Do you know what else many younger people do? Measure themselves against others. I was fortunate enough to have parents who instilled in me a sense of confidence from early on. They may not have always approved of my stylistic choices (I went through some serious new wave and punk rock phases), but they still accepted me for who I was and knew that my professional and scholastic life would not slip. Looking back, that was a blessing. As a result, I eventually learned to stop measur- ing myself against others. While competition can be a good thing, there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy competitiveness. My parents instilled a mindset of always trying to outdo myself. The person in the mirror is the one I have to beat each and every day. If I could tell my younger self something, it would be that the path to confidence and a sense of self-worth has nothing to do with measuring up against others, particularly as it relates to one thing in particular.

Meet Gail  /gailgenslerblog INSTAGRAM /gailgensler/

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W h a t I W o u l d T e l l M y Y o u n g e r S e l f

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The power of the mind is pretty amazing. Did you know the subconsciousmind cannot distinguish real events from imagined? Now that your brain is beginning to turn, let’s talk about utilizing your mind to improve your health. Your health encompasses your physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual health. Oftentimes when people think about their health, the focus is solely on the physical. Physical health is important, however, it is impossible to be healthy without the proper mindset. When a person is in tune with their value and worth, it becomesmuch easier for them tomanage their health. Your body is a temple. Do you really and truly believe that state- ment? How are you treating your temple? Is your temple full of junk food, caffeine, and sugar? This is not the proper treatment for a temple. When your mind believes that you are valuable you will gravitate towards healthier choices. Based on the premise that mindset is imperative to overall good health, we are going to delve into talking aboutmindset. DETOX YOUR MIND In a mind detox, the goal is to eliminate the thinking that no longer serves you. Most people would benefit from completing this activity for one week. During this time, you will spendmore time with yourself than youmay have done in quite a while. For maximum benefits, refrain from social media use. Begin your day with yoga and medita- tion. Engaging in this activity daily will keep you centered, making it much easier to think positively. Feed your mind positive information! Whether it is through

podcasts, audiobooks, or motivational speeches, choose to hear something uplifting throughout the day. Remember the old proverb, "As a man thinks so is he." Your thoughts that you choose to feed will manifest in the natural. The primary purpose of this detox is to become one with yourself, so spend as much time as possible on your own. Wind down at the end of your day with essential oils. Invest in a diffuser and place it in your bedroom. Incorporate essential oils like lavender and rose to bring an extra layer of serenity as you prepare for sleep. FUEL YOUR BODY There is a popular quote that states: "You are what you eat." However, I believe something a little different: You are what your body absorbs. Take a minute and think of your vehicle. Before you wax a vehicle, youwash it to get rid of the dirt. Your body is similar. Before you start eating these brain-boosting foods, you'll want to get rid of the junk food. In addition to your mind detox, incorporating a body detox would be great as well. DETOX YOUR BODY *Drinking lots of water (add lemon for extra taste & detox- ing power) *Focus on eating fruits & veggies *Taking a probiotic with at least 3 billion colony form- ing units (CFU) Detoxing takes the toxins out of your body, building a gut that can properly absorb nutrition. Once the detox is complete, this is the perfect time to add your brain-boosting foods.

Meet Cassandra

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E r u p t Y o u r M i n d

Links: FACEBOOK-SQUARE /livehealthyforlife INSTAGRAM /live.healthyforlife Linkedin /in/hillcassandra YOUTUBE /c/HolisticLivingConsultingLLC

BRAIN-BOOSTING FOODS • Dark chocolate • Turmeric • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower) MOOD-BOOSTING FOODS • Fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi, kombucha) • Bananas • Berries When your thinking is clearer and your mood is improving you are on track for disrupting your normal.

NEW LIFE Changing your mindset is a process. The reward of having a new way of thinking will change your life. In terms of your physical health even if you are ill, thinking positively will make a difference. There are many studies that show the impact of mood on a person’s health. In my personal life, I can attest to the importance of mindset with health. When I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, a grime picture was painted for my life and I believed the information. When my thoughts changed, my life made a drastic turn and ultimately I entered remission with systemic lupus. Are you happy with your current status in life?Whether it is your personal or professional life, changing your thoughts will create a new path for your life

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Feeling down? Science confirms that taking a walk in nature, enjoying a robust workout, and even sharing a laugh with a friend will boost your spirits. But here’s one therapy you may not have consid- ered --- connecting with the microbial settlers populating your gut. More and more research is linking the quality of your microbiome (the bacte- ria residing in your esophagus, stomach, and intes- tines) with the state of your mental health. Thanks to personal experience, I caught a glimmer of these new frontier years ago when a friend was dealing with an especially bitter divorce. To survive the relentless stress, she was indulging in a daily fix of dark chocolate. Her therapist supported this treatment, comparing it to a hand-holding friend. The good news is it helped --- and now we know why. Research shows that eating about half an ounce of dark (70%) chocolate every day can help to keep depression at bay. Basically, chocolate connects with your brain in ways that raise your spirits. For instance, choco- late is high in antioxidants phytochemicals, which go to war against inflammation, a known precur- sor to depression. But dark chocolate (consumed in moderation) is the real deal as a mood enhancer for another reason: It is one of the best food sources of polyphenols. These substances, which are preva- lent in numerous plant foods, are building a repu- tation as “superfoods” for the friendly bacteria in your gut. Eating Healthy Supports Psychological Balance Polyphenols encourage the growth of bacteria that benefit your emotional health. By crowding out “bad guys”, they work to build a healthy microbi- ome. A healthy gut is populated by diverse species

of bacteria, with “good guys” in control. Physiologically, the gut is your “second brain.” It’s connected to its elevated partner by a biological superhighway known as the gut-brain axis. Your gut bacteria are traffic cops on this two-way route, managing the production and flow of chemical messengers like hormones and neurotransmitters. Whole Foods Are the Bedrock of Emotional Health Diet provides the footing for your “psycho-bi- ome.” When beneficial bacteria digest compo- nents of whole foods like polyphenols and dietary fiber, they produce valuable substances. Among them are neurotransmitters that help to regulate mood. You’ve probably heard of serotonin, “the happy hormone”. Some anti-depressant medi- cations work their magic by boosting serotonin in your brain. Tap Into Your Pharmacist Within Fortunately, you don’t need to pop a pill to gener- ate serotonin. Your pharmacist within creates it for you. Beneficial gut bacteria produce about 90 percent of your body’s supply of this mood-ele- vating substance. When your microbial ecosystem is humming along (with friendly bacteria in control), it’s producing the neurotransmitters you need to stay on an even keel. It’s also helping to suppress stress hormones like cortisol. But when your microbial equilibrium is thrown off --- when “bad guys” gain the upper hand --- you are more vulnerable to losing a battle with the blues. Turn Your Back on Processed Food Sadly, the stability of your psycho-biome is easily disrupted. Scientists have been surprised by how quickly a fast-food diet upsets the microbial

balance. After eating only processed food for 10 days, one subject lost nearly half of the bacterial species residing in his gut. Research shows that fast food quickly triggers an inflammatory response. One Spanish study specifi- cally connected higher intakes of fast food with the likelihood of being depressed. A Healthy Lifestyle Trumps Medication The connections between food and mood have been solidifying for many years. Today, a new specialty, “nutritional psychiatry”, is springing up at medi- cal institutions around the world. We’re not there yet, but scientists are discussing the possibility of using “psycho-biotic diets” to treat mood disor- ders. Some clinicians are already recommending dietary and other lifestyle changes before prescrib- ing medications or psychowtherapy. A Nutritious Diet Keeps Depression at Bay When it comes to food and mental health, the Mediterranean dietary approach (primarily plant- based, gut-friendly foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts, plus healthy fats obtained from fish and olive oil) is the most stud- ied. It has been found to increase psychologi- cal resilience in older people and to significantly improve mental health when used as a treatment for people medically diagnosed with depression. Current research shows that a nutritious diet built around plant foods is far and away from the best strategy for ramping up your microbial troops. Knowing that your gut pushes many buttons in the continuous feedback loop regulating your mental health gives newmeaning to the old proverb, “The belly rules the mind.”


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Adrien Blackwell‘s Making Miracles Happen Series

October 1 - 31 st Hal loween Spooktacular Special Journey through the Spiritual Realm & Beyond to Discover the Incredible, Intuitive Healer Within You!

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 > C O V E R S T O R Y


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M a r k A n t h o n y t r a n s p o r t s y o u f r o m h e r e t o e t e r n i t y

The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How that Awareness Will Change Your Life, is a riveting adventure that reads like a juicy novel transporting the reader around the globe and from the cosmic to the subatomic, even into the human soul itself. Through uplifting, emotionally gripping and occasionally humorous stories, The Afterlife Frequency reveals how the human experience encompasses spirit communication, whether through a medium, near-death experience, death- bed vision or visitation from spirits of loved ones. Often dismissed as fantasy or feared as paranormal and supernatural, these phenomena are real. They’re all forms of “interdimensional communication” which occurs when the ener- getic frequency of the soul aligns with the Afterlife Frequency. My experience with spirit communication began on day one. I was born a medium and chose to become a lawyer. The media dubbed me “The Psychic Lawyer.” Between the stereotypes that lawyers are vampires and psychics prance through flowery fields waving Ouija boards, I’ve been called quite a few things. When you’re a lawyer who sees dead people you better have a good sense of humor. It also helps to have a strong support group of family and close friends. I’ve been blessed with both, which brings me to one of the most unique people who have been part of my journey through life. If you’re lucky, you get one friend in your life like Billy. We met in school when we were eleven years old and grew up in the surfing culture of east coast Florida. Best friends, we were together from junior high school through high school and then college. When I went to law school, Billy traveled through- out Asia and learned to speak Japanese. For some years he lived in Tokyo and taught English to corporate executives. I visited Billy in Asia and The Afterlife Frequency opens with one of our adven- tures in Thailand. Billy found it fascinating that I gravitated to the Buddhist temples and engaged monks in discussions about God and the afterlife. He was curious about my belief that God is everywhere and in all of us, and that we are all energetically part of God. This was part of lifelong ongoing debate we had about God, life after death, and spirit communication, which had begun between us in high school. Like me, Billy was raised Catholic, unlike me he was an atheist. Naturally, I advo- cated the existence of God and the afterlife. Billy doubted the existence of God and the afterlife but acknowledged I always gave him something to think about. Years later he met Yuki, a beautiful Japanese woman who was the love of his life. As a notary public I have the legal authority to marry people, and I was honored when Billy and Yuki asked me to preside at their wedding ceremony in Florida. After that they moved to California. No matter how many years transpired since we last saw each other—Billy always found a way to stay in touch. Sadly, like so many people, Billy suffered from depression and succumbed to suicide. I was devastated. Two years later, I was speaking at a paranormal conference. The main ballroom was filled with tables for vendors and authors. I was at my table autographing copies of my book Never Letting Go. M

I was born a medium and chose to become a lawyer. The media dubbed me “The Psychic Lawyer.”

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M a r k A n t h o n y t r a n s p o r t s y o u f r o m h e r e t o e t e r n i t y

My manager Rocky was with me and she decided to examine some of the equipment used by paranormal investigators. She was particularly interested in the “Spirit Box Scanner” which searches ultra-high radio frequencies with the objective of detecting and recording voices of spirits. Chris, a well-known paranormal investigator showed Rocky the latest Spirit Box Scanner. It looked something like a small radio and scanned several frequencies until it locked on to a signal. Disjointed sounds and mostly static were emitted from its speaker. Suddenly, the static halted. “Get Mark,” emerged from the Spirit Box. “I know that voice!” Rocky gasped and locked eyes with Chris. “Do you think he means your Mark—Mark Anthony?” Chris asked. “Get Mark,” the voice repeated. “MARK! GET OVER HERE NOW!” Rocky and Chris shouted across the room. The commotion drew a crowd of bystanders which surrounded Chris’s table. I leapt up and ran to them. The second I got there my heart almost stopped. “Dude,” came from the device. My head was spinning. “Love you Bro,” came out of the Spirit Box and then static filled the speaker. “Mark,” Rocky was shaking, “That voice, it was…” “Billy,” I said fighting tears. The onlookers besieged us with questions. “Billy was my best friend who died,” I explained, “He was a surfer—he always called me ‘Dude’ and ‘Bro.’” “I’d know Billy’s voice anywhere,” Rocky added. “This is highly unusual! “Chris exclaimed, “Not only did he call Mark by name, but you both positively identified the spirit’s voice as your friend Billy!” Although this wasn’t the first time Billy’s spirit had reached out to me, it was the first time he did so in a public setting. On the other hand, this was very Billy—no matter how many years, or in this case dimensions separated us, he always found a way to stay in touch. M Mark Anthony Mark Anthony, JD, Psychic Explorer® is a fourth-generation psychic medium and Oxford-educated attorney licensed in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the US Supreme Court. Mark travels to mystical locations in remote corners of the world to examine Ancient Mysteries and Supernatural Phenomena. Mark appears nationwide on TV & Radio including CBS TV The Doctors and Gaia TV Beyond Belief. He co-hosts the live stream TV Show THE PSYCHIC & THE DOC on the Transformation Network. Mark is a columnist for Best Holistic Life Magazine and a headline speaker at Conferences and Universities including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. To order visit: Links:  /MarkAnthonyThePsychicLawyer INSTAGRAM /psychiclawyermarkanthony/ Linkedin /in/healgriefwithbelief/ YOUTUBE /c/MarkAnthonythePsychicLawyer

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 > C O V E R S T O R Y

“Spiritual Synchronicity” one of the concepts I developed for The Afterlife Frequency explains how there are no coin- cidences because everything in our lives happens for a reason. Billy’s message meant a lot more than “I love you Bro.” Billy used technology to communicate with me on purpose and that was one of the reasons I wrote The After- life Frequency. Endorsed by the world’s top survival of consciousness and near-death experience scientists, The Afterlife Frequency presents groundbreaking scientific concepts and new terminology in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. The term “electromagnetic soul” (EMS) describes how our soul is pure energy which never dies—it merely ascends to the higher vibration of the Afterlife Frequency. If this sounds like science fiction, remember that what is considered science fiction today often becomes the science fact of tomorrow. A century ago the concept of a cell phone was considered science fiction, yet today it is a fact of life. During the 21st Century technology like the Spirit, Box Scanner is just the beginning. More sophisticated tech- nology is currently being developed which will make spirit communication readily available for everyone. Until then, our biology is the technology for spirit commu- nication. The Afterlife Frequency benefits readers in many ways. It teaches you how to work with a medium, and intro- duces my four-step RAFT Technique which empowers anyone to Recognize spirit contact, Accept it as real, Feel it without fear, and Trust the message. RAFT will not just change your life—it can save your life! My book also offers healing and inspiration for those coping with grief, PTSD and Survivor’s guilt. The Afterlife Frequency demonstrates how spirits intervene to guide and protect their loved ones in this world, as it presents scien- tific proof spirit communication isn’t paranormal or super- natural, but a normal part of human nature and a powerful instrument of healing and love.

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M a r k A n t h o n y t r a n s p o r t s y o u f r o m h e r e t o e t e r n i t y

Meet Mark on his Book Tour!

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In the bid to get answers to the perplexing questions surrounding the physical processes that lend support to the mental experiences we have, a new theory of consciousness was developed. It serves as the foundation of the 'mind-body problem' that questions our percep- tion of our existence. What makes us become conscious? Like humans and animals, are objects too aware of their existence? If they are, how do they know that? Like the law of attraction, there are other natural laws, albeit not too popular. One of such laws is the law of vibration. It is believed that everything - both living and nonliving things that appear stationary - is in constant motion, with vibration at a specific frequency, otherwise known as speed. This vibration serves as the key mecha- nism that determines consciousness, both in humans and animals, as well as physical interactions. Try to think of days you woke up and felt energized to work through the day. In the same light, there were other days you ran out of bed only to discover that you were very low on motivation. Every day, we send and receive energy, which creates a vibration that is felt by others. Of course,

energy isn't a physical object that could be seen; it can only be felt. Suffice it to say that vibrational energy could only be sensed, felt, and, of course, reacted to. This explains our feelings of warmth, for instance, at one time or around certain people and that of cold, at another time. It is expected that good or positive energy will always give way to feelings of happiness, get rid of anxiety and depression, as well as improve our relation- ship with others through communication. On the flip side, bad or negative energy will give the exact opposite of the results yielded by positive energy. The implication is that your energy gives you vibes that affect your overall experience. This energy is usually a function of the level of your vibration. Beyond being aware of a specific vibrational frequency, it is also possible to adjust our vibration, especially when caught at the low ebb of its experience. Your focus, therefore, should be aimed at attracting good energy. This article provides you with 5 tips that can help you align your thoughts with what you want to attract. Remember that your thoughts also have vibrational energy.

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W h a t w e a t t r a c t t h r o u g h o u r v i b r a t i o n s : H o w a n d w h e n t o a d j u s t

Raise your serotonin and dopamine levels The front lobe portion of the brain releases naturally occurring neurotrans- mitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are directly linked to happi- ness. You can also relate to the pleasure and deep sense of calmness you expe- rience when you are happy. One of the ways of activating this brain portion is by smiling. When you look at yourself in the mirror, smile, smile as you read inspiring books, smile at every opportunity you have. This may include surrounding yourself with people that can elevate your mood. Tip 3

Tip 4

Meditate & get laser-focused on what you want to attract According to research, meditation strengthens the part of the human brain that is linked to increased cognitive reasoning, creativity, and positivity. Emotions constitute one of the major driving forces of vibration or energetic frequency. Sometimes, your mind gets filled with thoughts that tend to get heavy. When this occurs, you struggle to maintain focus. Practicing self-med- itation can help increase our ability to moderate our emotions by amping up our level of vibration. It also helps to connect with the world that transcends our thoughts and feelings. To carry out the exercise, sit or lie in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take some deep breaths. By so doing, you have placed your mind in a peaceful state. Even if you carry out the process for five minutes, you tend to become more uplifted after the process.

Tip 1

Reprogram YOUR subconscious mind The energy you give determines the result you attract. You can't expect to get good energy when all you give off are loads of negative energy. The energy you give out is a function of the interaction that occurs in your mind. Every human being has experienced negative thoughts at one point or the other. As a result, you tend to slip into some moments of pessimism, especially if all you see about your life is doom. Though it might be challenging to stop negative thinking, positivity must be your headlight if you seek to attract good things. Always see positivity in all your efforts. Make sure you also change the tone of your thoughts from nega- tivity to positivity. One of the ways to achieve this is by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Replace negative statements with positive but realistic statements that can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Tip 5

Nourish yourself - body, heart, mind, & soul with food Psychologists have posited that unhealthy foods can tone down our energy levels. This is because they feed the body with 'dead energy.' Using a car that runs on diesel as an example. If you fill such a car with petrol, it tends to move a little and stop eventually. Beyond this, the engine can break down completely. The same thing applies to our bodies. With rich, whole foods, our body feels energetically light. Foods such as broccoli and blueberries give high vibration, while packaged foods, for instance, leave your level of vibration at a lower state. Therefore, consuming good quality organic food reverberates high vibrations through- out the body, heart, soul, and mind.

Tip 2

Visualize what you want to attract to yourself What is your most desired goal? What dreams are you working towards? With a clear picture of what you want your future to look like, you can start align- ing your thoughts and self with your future self. These steps are the force that propels you towards achieving the reality you have created for yourself. The more positive actions you take, the more feasible your future reality becomes. Also, fixing your gaze on what you want to achieve starts with the relation- ship you keep presently.

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If you’ve ever flown to another destination by air, it is common to hear the announcement, stating the need for you to put on your mask first before lending help to others, especially in case of loss of cabin pressure. The need for this reminder is not far fetched from the fact that some people with a large heart strive to save others during an emergency at their peril. They fail to help themselves before helping others, thus putting themselves and others at a greater risk. During childhood, you must have been taught on the need to appreciate, praise, and love others. But have you ever thought of showering the same encomiums you shower on others on yourself? Rather than praise or love yourself, you feel inadequate and awful to yourself, thus subjecting yourself to inner condemnation, an act that reflects negatively in your relationship and overall lifestyle. The pains that often accompany comparing yourself to others and setting outrageous standards are damaging. The society in which we find ourselves has further exacerbated the problem of feelings of inadequa- cies. It has conditioned us such that we feel complacent in our pursuit of self-love. Rather than deter- mine what standards we want for ourselves, society makes us conform to its socially accepted standards.

Well, past events or occurrences might have warranted the conditioning. Think of an individual who had suffered a series of heartache from pleas- ing people, pursuing career success, or feeling great concerns about their physical appearances. Such an individual could be said to have looked up to societal scale to define their self-worth. Why do you look up to a scale to define your self-worth, or why do you need a significant other to validate how amazing you are? Why don’t you show up every day, look into the mirror and give some love, encouragement, and inspiration to that amazing person that you are? Why not get committed to

If you’re committed to fostering a community, and not just growing a list, welcome to our tribe.

the alteration of societal norms that do not make self-love a conventional concept? If you’re to learn only one lesson this time around, be sure it revolves around seeing yourself as the most important person. However, this isn’t possible when you fail to discover your beliefs, values, and interests. Self-discovery makes you see yourself as unique and view others as only different, rather than better or worse than you. The earlier you realize that some people won’t like you - no matter how much you strive to please them - and you, therefore, need to give up your people-pleasing attitude, the better and healthier for you. By practicing self-love, you are able to define how you want to be treated. Your personality shouldn’t be set based on the ideas or belief systems of others. When you love yourself, you’re simply project- ing an image whose key of self-awareness has been activated. In other words, affirming your beauty, strengths, passion, and vulnerabilities do not come from external views. Rather, you set the standard for yourself. This gives you a firm hold of your life’s rudder. With this self-awareness, you develop stronger resilience to ugly situations and challenges life may bring to you. Treating yourself more kindly gives you the ability to embrace challenges, learn from your mistakes and feedback, as well as recover from setbacks. Above all, your responses to difficult events or situations tilt toward flexibility. This transforms you into an optimistic thinker that activates your creative potentials or problem-solving abilities.

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R a i s i n g t h e E n e r g e t i c V i b r a t i o n o f t h e P l a n e t T h r o u g h R e t r e a t s

Genuine love for yourself gives you an acceptance mindset. With this, you accept every situation in which you find yourself and take responsibility for all your actions or inactions. Beyond this, you also become your source of joy, happiness, and satisfaction. When you are aware of the unlimited power and control you wield over your life, living it becomes easier. You also get huge mental benefits that can help minimize stress life. External factors do not create true happi- ness. Rather, it comes from within. Self-love adds a boost to your confidence level, especially as it concerns your physical attractiveness. When you start to appreciate yourself, it is common to notice a change in your confidence. It elim- inates every form of mental block interfering negatively with your self-expression and social relationships. Even the Law of Attrac- tion attests to the benefit of attracting positivity when we are more confident and practice self-belief. Embarking on the journey of loving yourself makes you strive hard to give your body and mind the necessary nutrients they require to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle - food, sleep, water, and exer- cise. Many people find it difficult to live a healthy life, especially with the varying degrees of challenges posed by each stage of their lives. When you love yourself, you tend to create life goals that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. When this is mixed with positivity, you get the results you desire. Be thankful, forgive your- self and others, and practice mindfulness. On a final note, self-love is not a luxury that cannot be afforded.

Come on! You don’t need any person to validate you or tell you your worth; the only person’s opinion that matters is yours! Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially when you make mistakes or are yet to get to your desired level of success attainment. Remember you’re human and imperfections constitute an essential feature of human- ity. Failure isn’t a sign of defeat; rather, it is an opportunity to learn. In as much as you should avoid being driven by the desire to make the right choice all the time, be sure to also boost your self-love and self-care - they are critical to developing healthy self-esteem. When you value how you feel about yourself and your abilities, you get the confidence and positivity to complete tasks without much stress. You also have a low probability of suffering from loneliness or other emotional trauma that comes with low self-esteem. Make self-love your optimum investment and enjoy the wide range of benefits that accrue to its constant practice. Remember the goal is to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.  /Journeyworkretreats Linkedin /tamaragoldenjourneyworkretreats

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D I S C O V E R T H E 8 K E Y P A R T S T O E X P E R I E N C E T O T A L H E A LT H B Y U D O E R A S M U S

We live in the most stress-filled, chaotic, challenging times ever. Can we have TOTAL Health during these crazy times? Yes. I can show you how and, with a bit of time and prac- tice, YOU can master it. TOTAL HEALTH—unshakeable, no matter what’s going on in or around you—is possi- ble for you. Here’s a preview of how to optimize each part. 1. INTERNAL AWARENESS:

Notice the INNER AWARENESS that is the foundation of everything. Feel the central attribute of calm, still, peace- filled wholeness always present in your being, beyond even death, independent of all circumstances. Make time  /theudoerasmus INSTAGRAM /udoerasmus

TOTAL Health is all-inclusive global wholeness. It means to live ‘fully present in all aspects of your being and your surroundings’—all 8 parts of nature and human nature. Each part uniquely affects health. What is HEALTH? The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “total physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” That’s a start, but TOTAL Health includes five more aspects for a total of 8 distinct and separable parts, each of which has a different nature and requires its own kind of regular attention. Each part plays a unique and differ- ent role in TOTAL Health. Each goes off in a different way and responds to a different kind of intervention. This overview briefly introduces the eight parts, working outward from your central core. Then, you’ll get a hint or two of what you can do to master each of them. TOTAL HEALTH is full presence in all 8 parts of your being and surroundings. Not lost in thoughts in your head. The 8 parts include five aspects of human (your) nature, listed as 1-5 below, and three aspects of your surroundings, listed as 6-8 below.

to notice every day. 2. LIFE ENERGY:

Notice the solar energy that is your life. See, hear and feel it in the space your body occupies. It is unconditional love for your body. Weighing nothing but powering everything, it is your body’s master, ruler, benevolent dictator. Living lit up by life; you’re energized and radiant. Make time for stillness daily to notice it. 3. INSPIRED CREATIVITY: Notice the inspired creativity that life radiates. It is the shine of life energy into the world. Inspiration bridges life with the physical world. It is purpose. From inspiration, invent (create) new images, words, thoughts, actions and results. Quietly, notice the purpose embedded in your life every day. 4. PHYSICAL BODY: Align your body with nature. Good hygiene. Fresh air, water and food. Physical fitness and effective perfor- mance. Skill, grace, flair. Training and discipline. Eat, drink, breathe and move deliberately every day. Make time to sleep, rest and relax.

2 6

D i s c o v e r t h e 8 K e y Pa r t s t o E x p e r i e n c e T o t a l H e a lt h b y U d o E r a s m u s

5. SURVIVAL SMARTS: Master survival smarts. Respond effectively to stress, change, crisis, emer- gency. Speak confidently. Act decisively. Act to fight, avert, pre-empt danger. Protect others. Be calm under fire, self-empowered. Learn and practice the skills you need for crisis response. 6. SOCIAL GROUP: Be comfortable with and accept others. Learn and teach. Empowered in your own being, empower others into their being by your example. 7. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: Respect, revere and thank nature. Nature and your nature come from the same one source. Be a cell that has both autonomy and community in the body of nature. Be independent and interdependent. Mind your own busi- ness. Do your part. Accept what you need from other cells. Give of what you have extra. Share, don’t hoard. Take your instructions (learn) from both life and your surroundings. Live sustainably and care for nature as nature cares for you. 8. INFINITE AWARENESS: Live in calm acceptance. Accept your temporary physical existence in the time- less infinite. The phrase, “Relax. Not much is under your control,” nails it. Learn to let go of things, images, thoughts, body, life energy. Make time daily to notice the space your body occupies and its extension outward infinitely in all directions. TOTAL Health is based on precise principles and components that describe the nature of things. Accept and align with them to elevate health. Don’t fight what is, don’t fall victim to departures from reality. Know and apply these princi- ples and components. Take charge and create TOTAL Health. No past, genetics, story, or history can prevent you from realigning with TOTAL health. While you live, all you need is built-in or accessible right here, right now. If you’re NOT healthy, where are you off? What are you missing? What don’t you know? What’s in the way? What are you not (yet) doing? Many people believe it’s impossible in practice to attain a life of peace, lit up and harmonious, with all basic needs of all met in a long-term sustainable way. In truth, they’re all already embedded in every human being’s nature. You attain them all by doing the right personal, internal, health-aligning home- work within yourself. That’s the TOTAL Health project overview. The rest is details. If you wish to learn more and pursue your path of TOTAL HEALTH, you can get a free digital copy of my book and a video course by clicking the link below.

Author, Speaker and Health Pioneer Udo Erasmus is a pioneer of the health and wellness industry, having created FLAX OIL and the Healthy Fats Movement. He is also the co-founder of the UDO’S CHOICE supplement brand, a global leader in cutting-edge health products, having sold tens of millions of bottles of healthy oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Udo has extensive education in Biochemistry and Biol- ogy, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler University and has impacted over 10,000,000+ lives by passionately delivering his message on how to achieve perfect health.

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