Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021




If two people were having a heated argument in a room behind closed doors, and you walked in during a moment of silence…could you tell they were arguing? Most would say yes, absolutely. Why? Because the negative energy in the room can be felt. We all emit some form of energy. Positive energy promotes health and well-being; negative energy hinders it. Our energy is biochem- ical, electrical, and quantum physical. The first two are pretty straightforward, but quantum energy is an emerging science, and many have trouble embracing it. This should not be the case. Let me illustrate; our car radios are capable of harnessing invisi- ble quantum energy passing through the air and reproducing it as music. We all know that there’s a big difference between watching a sporting event with empty stands as opposed to a sold-out stadium. That’s because the collective energy from the crowd, or lack thereof, is easy to sense. As health enthusiasts, we should pursue the consistent creation of personal positive energy. This benefits our health and well-be- ing. The creation of this energy is best accomplished holistically. Human beings are a spirit, we have a mind, and we live in a body. To pursue health effectively, we should nurture all 3 aspects of our makeup simultaneously. Just as an orchestra experiences harmony between different instruments, our spirit, mind, and body will harmonize and produce a synergistic effect when nurtured properly. We maximize our health potential by cooperating with our natu- ral design for spirit, mind, and body. This cooperation starts by acknowledging the hierarchy of our 3-part nature. Our spir- its should be connected to God or our higher power. When they are, they’ll animate our minds in healthy ways. Our minds will then healthily animate our brains and our brains run our bodies. I suggest starting with the spiritual. If the foundation is solid, the building can withstand the storm. Similarly, our spirit is the founda- tion for holistic self-care. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I embrace the notion that our spirit should be surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ as Creator God. If that’s not you, I suggest acknowledging that there’s an intelligence behind our design. Some call this intelligence the universe or their higher power.

The point is, we must understand that we’re all a part of something greater than ourselves. We should seek more connectedness with that greater community. When we do, we bring our spirit in closer align- ment with our natural design. This fosters the creation of a posi- tive energy flow within us. For us Christians, that connectedness is all about a love relationship with God, love for others, and love for ourselves. The second part of holistic self-care is our minds (thought lives). Because of the mind-body connection, the beliefs we hold and the thoughts that follow will impact our energy and vitality for good or bad. We’ve all heard of the placebo effect. During a clinical trial, about 30% of the time, those given a sugar pill or a saline solution will experience the desired outcome the new drug is purported to elicit. These effects are not just all in the mind, they’re objective and measurable. Rather than try to dismiss the placebo effect, we should acknowledge the reality of it, and use it to our advantage. Our beliefs and thoughts should enhance our healthy pursuits, not hinder them. The final component of holistic self-care is taking care of our bodies. Physical health starts with food. Again, we should be embracing our natural design. We should be eating food as close to its God-given natural form as possible. Our food should be created by God in nature rather than created by man in a laboratory. Consume less processed food and more single-ingredient foods. Next, focus on good sleep. Get 8 hours or more per night. Our bedrooms should be peaceful, quiet, dark, and cool. Lastly, get moving. This means more than just hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week. We should incorporate movement regularly; walk outdoors daily. In an office setting, get out of the chair every 45 minutes or so and do some jumping jacks or rebounding if possible. This holistic approach maximizes our health potential by cooper- ating with our natural design. We’ll exude more consistent positive energy and people will sense our energy shift. This results in more joy and contentment flowing from our improved vitality.

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