Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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“Everything in Life is Vibration.” -Albert Einstein

When we realize our external world is a manifestation of our energy, the world changes. We begin to experience a life beyond our wildest dreams. Revealing our unique energy patterns and learning how to work with them is the key to a more meaningful life, joy, and fulfillment. There are different keys to unlock this treasure box. I present you with ways to more freedom, knowledge, satisfaction, and purposeful life. My toolbox contains three essential tools: Mongolian Stones Chinese Astrology - Bazi Hebrew Numerology The practice of Mongolian Stones has been kept secret for centuries. The knowledge was transmitted only through the oral teachings of the master to her students across generations. Happily, this knowl- edge is now out in the world. I was blessed to connect with it and can now share its gifts with you. I have collected significant forty-one stones. Each relates to your different levels of vibrations. Stones are grouped into five main categories; they represent five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. Earth expresses your base, the grounding you stand upon and base your life. Fire talks about action, the directions/choices you take in your life. Water represents your heart and emotions. Air talks about your Mind and how you use it. And Space is your true nature, your goal behind time and space. Each stone also has six additional characteristics: feminine and masculine principles, number, direc- tion, personal and universal mandala position, and consciousness level. The alchemy of the stones helps you realize that you are the creator of your life. Everything around you is your manifestation. By gain- ing this knowledge, you are offered greater freedom in your life. Your connection with the stones brings answers that are already within you. You could not hear the gentle voice because the noise of your Ego has been too dominant. The Stones help your magnificence to truly shine. Chinese Astrology Bazi – the four pillars of Destiny, is another profound ancient tool based on the time of your birth: the pillar of the year talks about your social circles, your friends, month pillar about your career, parents, day pillar represents your character, relationship and hour pillar is your output, dreams, inspirations. Each pillar has three levels - heavenly stems, earthly branches, and hidden stems, revealing different information about you. You can image each pillar like a container filled with differ- ent energy frequencies, known by the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and have yin and yang polarity. The Universe contains all five elements. You naturally have one or two that are dominant. They mani- fest on the physical, mental, emotional levels. Although your vibrations are constantly changing, your main characteristics remain stable. We see creativity, the flexibility of wood, warmth, and charisma of fire, the steady nutrition of earth, courage, the discipline of metal, and water’s empathy and diplomacy. Knowing your unique energy combination helps you to navigate your life effortlessly and joyfully. You

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