Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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gain a greater understanding of other people, why you attract them, why some situations are sometimes enjoyable and next time not. Hebrew Numerology unlocks your physical and spiritual chal- lenges, talents, goals, and mission – your soul’s purpose based on your name. Hebrew is a sacred language. Each of the twenty-two letters has a corresponding number and sound frequency. You, like the whole Universe, poses these vibrations. In this lifetime, you have chosen some to focus on, to learn specific lessons. Your name is not an accident. Before coming into this life, you carefully choose all the essential lessons and elements of your life to achieve more clarity, happiness, and fulfillment for yourself and the world. Benefits of knowing your unique Energy pattern: You stop banging your head against the wall of this existence and the spiritual one as well. By recognizing the source of your frustration, you can rid yourself of them. When it is revealed why something happens to you, you have power over it by accept it, not fight against it. You can be more strategic in achieving your aims by accepting when you waste time that doesn’t work. This accomplishment is so, whether it be your romantic life, career, or endeavors to achieve a specific financial goal. You can attain that by going with what works or, at the very least, what won’t be detrimental. This knowledge is a great tool to support your decisions and use your free will to make the final decision. Knowing your energy patterns serves as a compass on your journey

towards the best version of yourself, towards fulfilling your mission. Our highest mission is to realize we are not the Ego. We are much, much more. Some call that Soul, others our True nature, God, Buddha, Love, Oneness, and so on. The label we give it is not essen- tial. What is important is to reconnect with our real nature, which is pure and untouched from the beginning. We are THAT always, but we forgot it. In reality, we are all one. There is only pure consciousness - Energy. Yet, our dualistic mind perceives the illusions we create as separated from us. When we are able to be in the present moment, behind our dualistic mind, we become aware that we are all Miracles. We already have what we are searching for.

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