Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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As the seasons change – our routines, mindset and energy may waiver. Will you maintain a dedication to your well-being during the cooler months and through the holidays? No matter what time of year it is, it is still common to find yourself overwhelmed with the daily chal- lenges of healthy living. First and foremost, focus and plan according to what you can control. Shift your mind and energy away from things that you can not control. If you do not, you will deplete your energy and spirit. Fill your mind, body, and spirit with positive vibes as this powerful union will carry you through your day, actions, barriers, and accomplishments. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health are your wealth. Make it matter and shine with positivity! Self-discipline begins in mind. Stay focused mentally, physically, and emotionally during difficult times instead of falling apart, play- ing the victim, or just giving up. Self-care and self-love are your stepping-stones to self-control and, ultimately, a healthy mind-body connection. Shift your mindset to what is feasible and doable now – set your goals and then take action! Nurture your mind, body, and spirit daily and take control of your habits and choices.

Explore, reflect, and set goals with the twelve most powerful things you can do to master self-discipline. 1. Acknowledge your weaknesses. 2. Remove temptations. 3. Set clear goals and have an execution plan. 4. Nurture and build your self-worth. 5. Create new habits by keeping them simple. 6. Eat colorful and healthy. 7. Exercise regularly. 8. Meditate daily.

9. Change your perception about willpower and own it. 10. Surround yourself with positive people. 11. Forgive yourself and move forward. 12. Reward yourself.

A mind-body connection is something to be attained, and through practice, you will discover your healthy connection. Having an aware- ness of how your mind and body interact is a starting point. Wait! What? A starting point? Yes, from there, practice self-discipline. Prac- tice making small changes in areas that are not serving your overall sense of well-being. If you find yourself swinging from one extreme to another in your life’s pendulum, you also know the feelings of frustration and loss of control that follow. Practice higher, conscious living. It is living each day in full awareness of yourself at the moment. It is living free of self-criticism and judgment. It is living with your body and mind being in the right relationship with each other. Free yourself of what you can not control and embrace those changes that you can make. Surround yourself with positive people and embrace the love within yourself and those in your positivity circle.

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