Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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AGING . Do we really have to? As much as we are grateful that we get to, howwe age well, is reallymostly the choices we make. Chronologically we do have to age, but (good news!) holistically not as fast! We can slow the clock down in some pretty dramatic ways. Some say they have “earned their lines” and appreciate them, but we are not talking just esthetics, we are talking overall body wellness! If we are given the gift of aging, let’s give our bodies a chance to live out our lives in the healthiest ways possible! Hello. My name is Sheryl Wilson. Inmy role as the National Director of Beauty and Aesthetician, in association for 41 years, with Clientele Skin Care and MDR Fitness Labs, this is something that I discuss consistently with our clients. Why do I say aging well is up to you? Let’s examine. What do your lifestyle and your daily habits look like? What are your skin, hair, nails, and immune health concerns? Do you realize that what you see in the mirror day by day, good or not so good, is a reflection of your insides! Many ask, “can’t I just use a good soap and moisturizer to keep my skin healthy, just like my Grandmother used to”? Although youmay have some of your family’s great genes, your lifestyle is completely different from theirs. Your DNA is just a small part of your aging process. WHAT?!! It is esti- mated that approximately only 25 percent of our body’s aging process is determined by our genetics. What attri- butes to the other 75%? Today’s lifestyle is far removed from that of our Grand- mother’s. Many of us have careers, family, or both to care for and the same 24 hours to pack it into. With this busy lifestyle, we have emotional stress, which can bring on unhealthy habits, such as poor diet, drinking, smoking, to combat the emotional stress, equalingmore stress. Did you check off any of these boxes? Let’s factor in some additional Internal Stressors: Health concerns, medications, water intake, poor sleep pattern, lack of exercise. Now let’s break down External Stressors:

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