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H o l i s t i c L i f e T i p s o n H e a lt h y A g i n g !


Sunshine, great for the purpose of Vitamin D, yet stron- ger than ever UVA and UVB rays. UVA and UVB’s speed up the aging process and causes hyperpigmentation. Did you know that your cell phone, computers, televisions, fluo- rescent light are all considered Blue Light, which gives off UV rays? Loss of hormones begins in our mid 20’s. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (yes ladies we have that too), and Human Growth Hormone, otherwise known as HGH. WHAT CAN WE DO? 1. Always have faith that good things are coming your way. Anxiety can definitely speed up your body's aging process. Seek ways to find balance, relaxation, happiness, and laugh, laugh, laugh! 2. Get those ZZZ’s! Beauty sleep is no joke! Our bodies require 8 hours minimum. Why? When your body is in a resting state, your cells are regenerating, renewing, restor- ing, repairing. Your skin cells for example aremost active at 4:30 in themorning. Even circulation is more effective. This is when your skin cells can receive their optimum nourishment for regeneration and repair. A good night’s sleep also builds a stronger immune defense, which we cannot ignore in today’s world. 3. Is to eat 6 small healthymeals per day to stay ener- getic, focused, improvemetabolism, aid digestion, and the absorption of your supplements. 4. Supplementation, which is absolutely vital to provide your body what it is not receiving on a daily basis, due to the Internal and External Stressors and hormonal slow down described above. We must counteract aging in a healthy way with a proper combination, (such as Vita- min C, Omega 3’s, and Lycopene to fight off free radical

damage) of the right vitamins, minerals, trace miner- als, amino acids, and enzymes. How do you really know if you are getting the right balance of supplements, highly sourced and combined in away, where each unit, enhanced eachmilligramand then enhances eachmicrogram! Well, that’s where we come in. More about that later. 5. Is shake that booty! Move, move, move! A seden- tary lifestyle, (unless that is due to health issues) has been proven to be harmful to your memory (did you know that you can gain new brain cells when you exercise) and to your bone and heart health. 6. Don’t forget to Cleanse and EXFOLIATE morn- ing and night, even if you’re tired. Congested pores and dead skin cells, do not allow your serums (nourishment), moisturizers, and night creams to absorb. Not exfoliating daily will prohibit the ability of your skincare program to perform its optimum job! 7. Is to use an environmentally protectivemoisturizer with an SPF 30minimum. Please don’t rely on it fromyour foundation. Sunblock prevents wrinkled skin and hyper- pigmentation (age spots). Please remember to use amois- turizer at night packed with antioxidants, as that is when your skin cells are most active and will receive the bene- fits to fight free radical damage. 8. Don’t forget your neck and hands. A great habit: Everything you apply to your face, is also applied to your neck and hands. A Professional Consultation with an expert is KEY to target the best possible skincare and supplementation, personalized just for you. Let’s talk! Sheryl Wilson. 800 327-4660, EXT 5709

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