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Everything you are and everything around you is made up of energy, vibrations and frequencies. This is not some hippy-voodoo statement, it is actually something that ancient cultures, all over the world, have believed in and something, that is now being supported by contempo- rary science. When closely observing atoms, electrons, or quarks, we see that all of these particles are constantly moving, even blinking in and out of existence, accord- ing to quantum physics. This movement creates a vibra- tion, which in turn translates into a frequency. Since we and everything around us is made up of atoms, we and everything around us, therefore, consists of vibrations i.e. frequencies. This understanding is tremendously import- ant, as this means that all that we do, take in and surround ourselves with, has an influence on our being. When I was living in India, I met a lady from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, who told me the story of how she and her husband had named their children. Back in the day, when a baby was born, parents would take their child to a Guru, who was able to hear its unique frequency. He would then translate it into a name that would come closest to the newborn’s individual sound. As the infant grew older, while repeatedly hearing his/her name, the child’s abil- ity to intuitively knowing what aligns with his/her vibra- tion would increase, while simultaneously decreasing the attraction to harmful frequencies. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you would have a built-in compass, always pointing you in the direction that’s best for you? Well, the great news is: You do have it! The chal- lenge: You might not be feeling it, because most of us have been brought up in an environment that tells us who we are supposed to be instead of supporting us in who we are.

Looking back at your own childhood, I’m sure you remember at least one incident, where you were told to eat or do something that didn’t feel right to you. As kids, we are often still very connected to our inner guidance. Adults tend to ignore this though, trying to push us into a mold we simply don’t fit in. Most parents/caretakers do this, not to harm the child, but because they truly believe it is what is best for them. However, what that often leads to is that, later on in life, we will need to declutter our being from impositions from our social surroundings and envi- ronment, in order to regain the ability to hear our body, energy, mind, and soul are telling us. As you can see, I am referring to four different aspects of your Self, which combined, create the unique symphony that you are. Your body speaks, amongst other things, through the beating of your heart, your energy can express itself by the air vibrating through your vocal cords, your mind voices itself with the thoughts that run through it and your soul is filled with the vibration of unconditional love. If you manage to clean up the first three parts of who you are, the unconditional love you carry within your soul, would in turn be free to express itself 24/7. However, facing your own demons is a long and bumpy road. It’s dark, it’s dirty, but it is the most rewarding trip you will ever take in your life. If you dare to take the first step, I would like to kick-start your journey by suggest- ing where you can start your spring cleaning venture: Your mind! Why there? A study from Bishop’s University (2007, Erin M. Shackell et al.) showed that simply by visualiz- ing muscle weight training sequences, participants could increase the strength and stamina of their body by 24 %


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