Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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C a n y o u h e a r y o u r S e l f ?

while the students that were literally exercising with weights, experienced an increase of 28%. This study, along with many others, has been able to prove the influence our thoughts have on our physical reality. Even Lao Tzu and Mahatma Gandhi had pointed out that: Thoughts are the source of our words, our words are the foun- dation of our actions, our actions are the roots of our habits, our habits become a big part of who we are and how we form our destiny. To make the last part a bit more relatable I would like to slightly rephrase it: “…Who we are attracts people into our life that enjoy our company, which in turn opens up or closes the doors to wonderful opportunities.”

Ergo, you are essentially responsible for all the opportYOUnity that come into your life and today is the day to start becoming the superhero of your own story. Some of the best techniques to get started with are mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. Each one of these tools will work on your thoughts in very differ- ent ways, which is why I would strongly suggest you find a coach or guide, whom you trust, to help you adjust these techniques to your unique needs and current lifestyle. Then, once you start practicing them regularly, you will eventually silence the “noise”, start hearing your true inner voice and regain the ability to feel your inner compass, which has essentially never stopped point- ing you to your true north.

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