Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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you put all these together, they spell v-a-r-i-e-t-y, meaning that it takes a wide variety of foods to fuel your child’s brain with these powerful nutrients. Many of my patients tell me that their child’s diet consists mainly of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, pizza, French fries, and hot dogs. If this describes your child, make it your goal to patiently expand your child’s food choices. My top three strategies to make this happen are: Modeling: let your child see you eating the food you want her to eat. Convenience: Have fruits and vegetables conveniently ready when your child is hungry. Have bananas sitting out on the table or carrots cut up in small baggies ready to eat. Get sneaky: Puree vegetables and hide them into foods they already like to eat. For example, pureed cauliflower inmashed potatoes or pureed squash inmacaroni and cheese, or pureed blueberries and spinach in brownies (I’ve done all of these successfully with my own children). Remember, your goal is to equip your child’s brain for opti- mal concentration, creativity, and cognition. Happy eating!

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