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W h a t i s V i b r a t i o n ?

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Vibration is energy running on an emotional spectrum, from fear to love. This spectrum of emotion brings into energetic alignment and physical manifes- tation of your desires. This spectrum is rooted in the human experience. Our thoughts, emotions, and words (written or spoken), both create and enhance our human experience through our level of awareness/consciousness. The level of awareness is key when living the human experience. The experience has been designed to operate on both an individual or collective vibration. The collective experience has more potency when all in the group have the same objective. Yet, one individual who is highly aware is more powerful than a group who is not. But what is vibration really? The third, which is immutable of the seven Spiritual Laws, The Law of Vibra- tion is as such; everything we experience with our five physical senses is conveyed through vibrations. The same is applied to the mental realm. Your thoughts are vibrations. All your emotions are vibrations. Once you learn to control these aspects of mental and emotional vibrations, this is true thought power. We step up to the next level of the human experience, 4th and even- tually 5th density energy. The Universe is nothing but a vibration, and this vibration is responding to our energy output/alignment. The physical world we experience is of the Divine Masculine Energy, as is it concrete, tangible. We can validate the existence of what is created. The emotional world married with our thoughts is of the Divine Feminine Energy, we can feel and acknowledge this presence through intuitive feelings. This dance of these energies is one of Divine Harmony and Balance when allowing for your desires to manifest. Remember, all is but vibration and our aware- ness in the creation process is key. Our intention to be aware makes all the difference. The formula I teach in my seminars, from the stage while speaking and even to one-on-one clients; Thoughts+Emotions+Words=Manifestation. Here is the breakdown of how it works: Thoughts: We have thousands of thoughts per day, but only bring our attention

to the ones we focus on, the daily tasks, future goals, planning, the distrac- tion of thought connection. Every thought we have is a neutral thought. The thought only becomes labeled when we connect it to a previous experience or one we witnessed. It is important to think about "what and why" we want what we want, and leave the "how" to the universe. Our job is to focus on the thought we want. Emotions : Once we have our attention on the neutral thought, we then can focus on how the thought makes us feel. Do you feel joy, good, bad, icky, angry, despair, hopefully? Emotions are the fuel for thoughts. Our job is to feel good about what we are thinking. Words : Once you have the thought that makes you feel good, write it down or speak it aloud or to yourself. Taking this action seals the deal. When you write or speak this energy, do it as an affirmation. An affirmation is when you begin a sentence with "I AM". The universal energy has no choice but to yield to you, it is the law. Our job is to harness the power of our feeling good into words, a powerful affirmation. Manifestation : Once you have meditated on your thought, feel good about what you are thinking, and created a powerful affirmation, you have set the mani- festation wheels in motion because it is in your vibration as you come into alignment with what you want. The true power of this is when we take that vibration/energy hold for 17 seconds. Then another more powerful thought may come in and if it does not feel good, go back to the first thought. Stay focused on your affirmation and this elevates the energy. The desired mani- festation will not happen overnight, it may take a few weeks, months, or years. As we move in the next phases of the human experience, Vibration will become more of a language we speak in, even having its own art form. We are already doing this on a small level, such as us reading a room, connecting to our soul family, trusting our intuition, and communicating over distances using telep- athy. The human experience is but the Vibration and Frequency we tune into connecting to the alignment energies for the growth and expansion asked for in this time. As we are but a fragment of the whole Vibration ourselves.

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