Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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Change Your L i ght, Change Your L i f e : The H i dden Reason We ’ re A l l So T i red

Here’s how it works: the light emitted from a laptop or mobile phone is equivalent to the light frequencies emitted by the sun in the middle of the day. So, when we look at those devices right before bed, we are telling our brains that it is high noon – not time to sleep. Or when we look at our phones first thing in the morning, we are telling our brain that the day is half over. Over a long period of time, this circadian mismatch throws off our hormones, decreases the quality of our sleep (ever sleep for 10 hours and still feel tired?), causes weight gain, reduces the amount of energy we have, and it can even lead to most of the chronic illness we see today. So the typical indoor modern lifestyle is ruining our health, slowly sapping our energy in ways that don’t show up at a doctor’s office until we’re really sick. And the first symptom, the red flag from our stressed-out biolog- ical systems, is… you guessed it, FATIGUE. That always-tired feeling that we keep shrugging off, or medicat- ing, is our body’s signal that we need to consider our light diet as carefully as we take care of our food diet. And this is also the really good news: the path back to our real, vibrant selves is not terribly complicated, expensive, or elusive. It’s right outside our window every morning: just wake up and see the light.

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