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I am a thirty-six-year-old mother of five born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am the owner and CEO of Falol- ity, LLC, which provides life coaching in the areas of trauma, parenting, relationship, goal accomplishment, and holistic wellness. I am also the author of “Understanding Christian- ity & The Bible: AWorkbook,” “Mom Brain 2021: A pandemic parenting workbook”, and “Dad Brain 2021”: A Pandemic Parenting Workbook,” and apparently a lover of long book titles. I hold various degrees, including a Bachelor of Art in Christian Studies, Master of Science in Psychology, andMaster of Science in Holistic Mental Health &Wellness with emphasis on Family Dynamics as well as certifications in Life Coaching and various areas of research fromGrand Canyon University. Professionally, I aim to provide effective and successful guided practice and support through personal life experience and extensive education. My business mission is to use my skills, talents, education, and spiritual gifts to provide open-minded and dependable growth and purpose tomy community through my clients. Personally, I aim to be understanding, relatable, and dedicated to the things I am passionate about through open-mindedness, continuous education on the things I am not educated on or personally passionate about. Understand- ing things we are not familiar with is important to under- stand others who may live a different lifestyle, have differ- ent life experiences, or possess a different household/familial dynamic thanmyself. In doing so, I control the vibrations I put out into the world and work to make them beneficial, uplift- ing, and positive for those I interact with in any situation. Vibrations What are vibrations to me? Vibrations are emotional currents we give off through feelings, expressions, actions, and reac- tions. Our interactions with others effect both them and us. The vibrations we give off during interactions can affect those around us in emotion and productivity. Their responses to our vibes can either positively influence or hinder their success/ progress. Negative vibes distract, redirect, misguide, deplete, and potentially derail the forward progression of the person we are interacting with. On the other hand, positive vibrations can promote, support, and even influence healthy progression. Our

vibes can be healing, but they can also be hindering. The vibra- tions we give off can be in response to the person we interact or have absolutely nothing to do with them (more often they have nothing to do with the person who ends up feeling them). We all, at some point; think about the legacy we want to leave behind when we leave this world. Mine is centered around my success as amother, wife, friend, as well as family and commu- nitymember andmy careers inmental health and wellness and writing. The vibrations I send out through my work are done so throughmy leadership, purposeful understanding, consis- tent growth, and community contribution. The time we spend with our families, friends, and community can be influential to everyone we spend it with, through the vibrations we send out into it. Our vibrations also affect the way others handle experiences and reactions and can affect whether others even take the chance on experiencing certain things. Life coaching is a way to strengthen and improve our actions and reactions to life stressors and situations in ways that promote healthy navigation of the situations and interactions we experience on a regular basis to positively. Traumatic events, stressful life experiences, and witnessed traumas can influence the vibra- tions we put out into the world for years after those experi- ences. We all deserve a chance to recover with grace, focus, and faith in our personal success inmind. Without the encourage- ment or guidance to believe we can change the emotions we experience; we lack realization of who we are really fighting: our hurt selves through feelings of anger, doubt, fear, animos- ity, distain, and/or even failure. The vibrations that reached us during traumatic events become the vibrations that we throw out onto everyone else around us. Once we realize we are not what we experience, we gain the power to flourish and focus on healing the hurt version ourselves we had been fighting. through life coaching with Falolity it is possible to retrain yourself to cater what you put out into the world, by work- ing to heal and maintain what you thought was once broken. Faith, love, and equality go so much deeper than just what we show to others; we cannot give anything to anyone else if we cannot give it to ourselves.

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