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K e y s t o l i v i n g T h e L i f e o f A N o n - S m o k e r


It is a great honor to introduce myself! I am Coach Rad, I am the Founder of the Li.O.N.S. Institute of Southern Europe, and author of the Li.O.N.S. Smoking Cessation Method! I have helped hundreds of smokers and people impacted by smoking, to crush the grip of nicotine and break the chains of addiction.Those people now live the Life of a Non-Smoker by design!! I understand the power addiction can have over one’s life. I know life isn’t fair. I understand that cigarettes can FEEL like a good coping mechanism. And completely understands why they are NOT! I survi zed 4 years of war in my country. I went to school under constant threats of bombshells. I survived clinical depression, AND I beat alcohol and smoking addiction!! I KNOW that YOU can do it as well! And now I have something special for YOU! I am really excited about the opportunity to present to Best Holistic Magazine readers about the Li.O.N.S. Smok- ing CessationMethod and the Li.O.N.S. Institute of South- ern Europe! And in case you are wondering, Li.O.N.S. stands for Life Of a Non-Smoker. We at the Li.O.N.S. Institute believes that stopping smok- ing is NOT about quitting and becoming an ‘ex’. Nobody wants to be a quitter or an ‘ex’. It is about starting something NEW! It zis about starting the Life Of a Non-Smoker!! This is YOUR life that is DESIGNED by using the tools that crush the grip of nicotine and break the chains of addiction! In this article I want to share the simple tools that will help you start The Life Of Non-Smokers: • Contrary to popular belief you don't need to count days you spent without cigarettes, that is like driv- ing forward while watching in the rearview mirror, instead create a SMART goal of Li.O.N.S. life that You want to live. The goal that will make you wake up each morning happy to pursue it! • Find resources that will support your journey towards

your goal! It can be, mantras, a special set of activities that you do in the morning in a structured way to start your day or different challenges that turn your engine! • MINDSET! Build a mindset around all of this, in a way that it looks like that this Li.O.N.S. life is already happening. Key ingredients of this mindset are: • No judging. Avoid judging the life of a smoker. Avoid judging peoplewho smoke, youhave been in their shoes, they are not bad people they just didn’t know better. • Whenever you feel craving ask yourself what do I really need? Comfort, food, a hug, or information about something? Or to get some rest? • Reward yourself. Figure out a system of rewards. You can ask someone to surprise you fromtime to time with themor take yourself sometimes on a date, or retreat! How to deal with cravings? Here I will tell you one technique out of many available, that is most effective for me. Whenever I feel it is too difficult to stay away from ciga- rettes, I would rate my cravings from 1 to 10. 1 being irrelevant, 10 being unbearable. 10 is the easiest because it is just an illusion. I choose to believe that the only thing that we as human beings can’t handle is death itself and since I am breathing. It means it is a false belief. Instead, I rate it (i.e. 8) I take a step back mentally, check what caused that craving, what does it mean for me, check the logic of it, what would be an alternative way of think- ing about it, check is that way of thinking for is congru- ent with me. Rate it again (i.e. 5) congratulate me. And remind me that just a few minutes ago I haven’t felt a craving, and maybe a few minutes after this moment I will not feel it again. After repeating this several times this became second nature for me. And one final ingredient of Li.O.N.S. Life is gratefulness! Be grateful, both for cravings and the air you breathe, and the life you lived until that moment.

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