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The power of the mind is pretty amazing. Did you know the subconsciousmind cannot distinguish real events from imagined? Now that your brain is beginning to turn, let’s talk about utilizing your mind to improve your health. Your health encompasses your physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual health. Oftentimes when people think about their health, the focus is solely on the physical. Physical health is important, however, it is impossible to be healthy without the proper mindset. When a person is in tune with their value and worth, it becomesmuch easier for them tomanage their health. Your body is a temple. Do you really and truly believe that state- ment? How are you treating your temple? Is your temple full of junk food, caffeine, and sugar? This is not the proper treatment for a temple. When your mind believes that you are valuable you will gravitate towards healthier choices. Based on the premise that mindset is imperative to overall good health, we are going to delve into talking aboutmindset. DETOX YOUR MIND In a mind detox, the goal is to eliminate the thinking that no longer serves you. Most people would benefit from completing this activity for one week. During this time, you will spendmore time with yourself than youmay have done in quite a while. For maximum benefits, refrain from social media use. Begin your day with yoga and medita- tion. Engaging in this activity daily will keep you centered, making it much easier to think positively. Feed your mind positive information! Whether it is through

podcasts, audiobooks, or motivational speeches, choose to hear something uplifting throughout the day. Remember the old proverb, "As a man thinks so is he." Your thoughts that you choose to feed will manifest in the natural. The primary purpose of this detox is to become one with yourself, so spend as much time as possible on your own. Wind down at the end of your day with essential oils. Invest in a diffuser and place it in your bedroom. Incorporate essential oils like lavender and rose to bring an extra layer of serenity as you prepare for sleep. FUEL YOUR BODY There is a popular quote that states: "You are what you eat." However, I believe something a little different: You are what your body absorbs. Take a minute and think of your vehicle. Before you wax a vehicle, youwash it to get rid of the dirt. Your body is similar. Before you start eating these brain-boosting foods, you'll want to get rid of the junk food. In addition to your mind detox, incorporating a body detox would be great as well. DETOX YOUR BODY *Drinking lots of water (add lemon for extra taste & detox- ing power) *Focus on eating fruits & veggies *Taking a probiotic with at least 3 billion colony form- ing units (CFU) Detoxing takes the toxins out of your body, building a gut that can properly absorb nutrition. Once the detox is complete, this is the perfect time to add your brain-boosting foods.

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