Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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BRAIN-BOOSTING FOODS • Dark chocolate • Turmeric • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower) MOOD-BOOSTING FOODS • Fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi, kombucha) • Bananas • Berries When your thinking is clearer and your mood is improving you are on track for disrupting your normal.

NEW LIFE Changing your mindset is a process. The reward of having a new way of thinking will change your life. In terms of your physical health even if you are ill, thinking positively will make a difference. There are many studies that show the impact of mood on a person’s health. In my personal life, I can attest to the importance of mindset with health. When I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, a grime picture was painted for my life and I believed the information. When my thoughts changed, my life made a drastic turn and ultimately I entered remission with systemic lupus. Are you happy with your current status in life?Whether it is your personal or professional life, changing your thoughts will create a new path for your life

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