Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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M a r k A n t h o n y t r a n s p o r t s y o u f r o m h e r e t o e t e r n i t y

The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How that Awareness Will Change Your Life, is a riveting adventure that reads like a juicy novel transporting the reader around the globe and from the cosmic to the subatomic, even into the human soul itself. Through uplifting, emotionally gripping and occasionally humorous stories, The Afterlife Frequency reveals how the human experience encompasses spirit communication, whether through a medium, near-death experience, death- bed vision or visitation from spirits of loved ones. Often dismissed as fantasy or feared as paranormal and supernatural, these phenomena are real. They’re all forms of “interdimensional communication” which occurs when the ener- getic frequency of the soul aligns with the Afterlife Frequency. My experience with spirit communication began on day one. I was born a medium and chose to become a lawyer. The media dubbed me “The Psychic Lawyer.” Between the stereotypes that lawyers are vampires and psychics prance through flowery fields waving Ouija boards, I’ve been called quite a few things. When you’re a lawyer who sees dead people you better have a good sense of humor. It also helps to have a strong support group of family and close friends. I’ve been blessed with both, which brings me to one of the most unique people who have been part of my journey through life. If you’re lucky, you get one friend in your life like Billy. We met in school when we were eleven years old and grew up in the surfing culture of east coast Florida. Best friends, we were together from junior high school through high school and then college. When I went to law school, Billy traveled through- out Asia and learned to speak Japanese. For some years he lived in Tokyo and taught English to corporate executives. I visited Billy in Asia and The Afterlife Frequency opens with one of our adven- tures in Thailand. Billy found it fascinating that I gravitated to the Buddhist temples and engaged monks in discussions about God and the afterlife. He was curious about my belief that God is everywhere and in all of us, and that we are all energetically part of God. This was part of lifelong ongoing debate we had about God, life after death, and spirit communication, which had begun between us in high school. Like me, Billy was raised Catholic, unlike me he was an atheist. Naturally, I advo- cated the existence of God and the afterlife. Billy doubted the existence of God and the afterlife but acknowledged I always gave him something to think about. Years later he met Yuki, a beautiful Japanese woman who was the love of his life. As a notary public I have the legal authority to marry people, and I was honored when Billy and Yuki asked me to preside at their wedding ceremony in Florida. After that they moved to California. No matter how many years transpired since we last saw each other—Billy always found a way to stay in touch. Sadly, like so many people, Billy suffered from depression and succumbed to suicide. I was devastated. Two years later, I was speaking at a paranormal conference. The main ballroom was filled with tables for vendors and authors. I was at my table autographing copies of my book Never Letting Go. M

I was born a medium and chose to become a lawyer. The media dubbed me “The Psychic Lawyer.”

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