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“Spiritual Synchronicity” one of the concepts I developed for The Afterlife Frequency explains how there are no coin- cidences because everything in our lives happens for a reason. Billy’s message meant a lot more than “I love you Bro.” Billy used technology to communicate with me on purpose and that was one of the reasons I wrote The After- life Frequency. Endorsed by the world’s top survival of consciousness and near-death experience scientists, The Afterlife Frequency presents groundbreaking scientific concepts and new terminology in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. The term “electromagnetic soul” (EMS) describes how our soul is pure energy which never dies—it merely ascends to the higher vibration of the Afterlife Frequency. If this sounds like science fiction, remember that what is considered science fiction today often becomes the science fact of tomorrow. A century ago the concept of a cell phone was considered science fiction, yet today it is a fact of life. During the 21st Century technology like the Spirit, Box Scanner is just the beginning. More sophisticated tech- nology is currently being developed which will make spirit communication readily available for everyone. Until then, our biology is the technology for spirit commu- nication. The Afterlife Frequency benefits readers in many ways. It teaches you how to work with a medium, and intro- duces my four-step RAFT Technique which empowers anyone to Recognize spirit contact, Accept it as real, Feel it without fear, and Trust the message. RAFT will not just change your life—it can save your life! My book also offers healing and inspiration for those coping with grief, PTSD and Survivor’s guilt. The Afterlife Frequency demonstrates how spirits intervene to guide and protect their loved ones in this world, as it presents scien- tific proof spirit communication isn’t paranormal or super- natural, but a normal part of human nature and a powerful instrument of healing and love.

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