Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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In the bid to get answers to the perplexing questions surrounding the physical processes that lend support to the mental experiences we have, a new theory of consciousness was developed. It serves as the foundation of the 'mind-body problem' that questions our percep- tion of our existence. What makes us become conscious? Like humans and animals, are objects too aware of their existence? If they are, how do they know that? Like the law of attraction, there are other natural laws, albeit not too popular. One of such laws is the law of vibration. It is believed that everything - both living and nonliving things that appear stationary - is in constant motion, with vibration at a specific frequency, otherwise known as speed. This vibration serves as the key mecha- nism that determines consciousness, both in humans and animals, as well as physical interactions. Try to think of days you woke up and felt energized to work through the day. In the same light, there were other days you ran out of bed only to discover that you were very low on motivation. Every day, we send and receive energy, which creates a vibration that is felt by others. Of course,

energy isn't a physical object that could be seen; it can only be felt. Suffice it to say that vibrational energy could only be sensed, felt, and, of course, reacted to. This explains our feelings of warmth, for instance, at one time or around certain people and that of cold, at another time. It is expected that good or positive energy will always give way to feelings of happiness, get rid of anxiety and depression, as well as improve our relation- ship with others through communication. On the flip side, bad or negative energy will give the exact opposite of the results yielded by positive energy. The implication is that your energy gives you vibes that affect your overall experience. This energy is usually a function of the level of your vibration. Beyond being aware of a specific vibrational frequency, it is also possible to adjust our vibration, especially when caught at the low ebb of its experience. Your focus, therefore, should be aimed at attracting good energy. This article provides you with 5 tips that can help you align your thoughts with what you want to attract. Remember that your thoughts also have vibrational energy.

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