Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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R a i s i n g t h e E n e r g e t i c V i b r a t i o n o f t h e P l a n e t T h r o u g h R e t r e a t s

Genuine love for yourself gives you an acceptance mindset. With this, you accept every situation in which you find yourself and take responsibility for all your actions or inactions. Beyond this, you also become your source of joy, happiness, and satisfaction. When you are aware of the unlimited power and control you wield over your life, living it becomes easier. You also get huge mental benefits that can help minimize stress life. External factors do not create true happi- ness. Rather, it comes from within. Self-love adds a boost to your confidence level, especially as it concerns your physical attractiveness. When you start to appreciate yourself, it is common to notice a change in your confidence. It elim- inates every form of mental block interfering negatively with your self-expression and social relationships. Even the Law of Attrac- tion attests to the benefit of attracting positivity when we are more confident and practice self-belief. Embarking on the journey of loving yourself makes you strive hard to give your body and mind the necessary nutrients they require to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle - food, sleep, water, and exer- cise. Many people find it difficult to live a healthy life, especially with the varying degrees of challenges posed by each stage of their lives. When you love yourself, you tend to create life goals that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. When this is mixed with positivity, you get the results you desire. Be thankful, forgive your- self and others, and practice mindfulness. On a final note, self-love is not a luxury that cannot be afforded.

Come on! You don’t need any person to validate you or tell you your worth; the only person’s opinion that matters is yours! Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially when you make mistakes or are yet to get to your desired level of success attainment. Remember you’re human and imperfections constitute an essential feature of human- ity. Failure isn’t a sign of defeat; rather, it is an opportunity to learn. In as much as you should avoid being driven by the desire to make the right choice all the time, be sure to also boost your self-love and self-care - they are critical to developing healthy self-esteem. When you value how you feel about yourself and your abilities, you get the confidence and positivity to complete tasks without much stress. You also have a low probability of suffering from loneliness or other emotional trauma that comes with low self-esteem. Make self-love your optimum investment and enjoy the wide range of benefits that accrue to its constant practice. Remember the goal is to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.  /Journeyworkretreats Linkedin /tamaragoldenjourneyworkretreats

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