Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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D I S C O V E R T H E 8 K E Y P A R T S T O E X P E R I E N C E T O T A L H E A LT H B Y U D O E R A S M U S

We live in the most stress-filled, chaotic, challenging times ever. Can we have TOTAL Health during these crazy times? Yes. I can show you how and, with a bit of time and prac- tice, YOU can master it. TOTAL HEALTH—unshakeable, no matter what’s going on in or around you—is possi- ble for you. Here’s a preview of how to optimize each part. 1. INTERNAL AWARENESS:

Notice the INNER AWARENESS that is the foundation of everything. Feel the central attribute of calm, still, peace- filled wholeness always present in your being, beyond even death, independent of all circumstances. Make time  /theudoerasmus INSTAGRAM /udoerasmus

TOTAL Health is all-inclusive global wholeness. It means to live ‘fully present in all aspects of your being and your surroundings’—all 8 parts of nature and human nature. Each part uniquely affects health. What is HEALTH? The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “total physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” That’s a start, but TOTAL Health includes five more aspects for a total of 8 distinct and separable parts, each of which has a different nature and requires its own kind of regular attention. Each part plays a unique and differ- ent role in TOTAL Health. Each goes off in a different way and responds to a different kind of intervention. This overview briefly introduces the eight parts, working outward from your central core. Then, you’ll get a hint or two of what you can do to master each of them. TOTAL HEALTH is full presence in all 8 parts of your being and surroundings. Not lost in thoughts in your head. The 8 parts include five aspects of human (your) nature, listed as 1-5 below, and three aspects of your surroundings, listed as 6-8 below.

to notice every day. 2. LIFE ENERGY:

Notice the solar energy that is your life. See, hear and feel it in the space your body occupies. It is unconditional love for your body. Weighing nothing but powering everything, it is your body’s master, ruler, benevolent dictator. Living lit up by life; you’re energized and radiant. Make time for stillness daily to notice it. 3. INSPIRED CREATIVITY: Notice the inspired creativity that life radiates. It is the shine of life energy into the world. Inspiration bridges life with the physical world. It is purpose. From inspiration, invent (create) new images, words, thoughts, actions and results. Quietly, notice the purpose embedded in your life every day. 4. PHYSICAL BODY: Align your body with nature. Good hygiene. Fresh air, water and food. Physical fitness and effective perfor- mance. Skill, grace, flair. Training and discipline. Eat, drink, breathe and move deliberately every day. Make time to sleep, rest and relax.

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