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Y o u A r e L o v e

An Excerpt from Chakra Rituals: Awakening The Wild Woman Within The Fourth Chakra

like air, the element of the heart knows no borders or limits. Love touches everything, breath lives everywhere. This symbol in Sanskrit is known as shatkona and shows up in many cultures and traditions, from Judaism and Buddhism to Hinduism. In all traditions, the six-pointed star points to the integration of opposites. Here we see it as the symbol of the sacred marriage between the divine lover's Shiva and Shakti, with the upward-pointing trian- gle symbolizing Shiva, the sacred masculine, and the downward-pointing triangle representing Shakti, the sacred feminine. Regardless of gender or gender iden- tity—there are both feminine and masculine energies in each of us—it is here the eternal beloveds dance their way into a harmonious embrace and find balance. The color of the lotus is green, which represents life, nature, and the interconnectedness of all living things. Interestingly enough, our eyes can see more shades of green than any other color, thousands of gradients; just like there are thousands of ways in which we can love, each shade representing another variety of love that exists. BREATH OF LIFE Your breath is the most precious gift you have. You can live for weeks without food and days without water or sunlight, but you can survive only a matter of minutes without air. Air gives you life, power, and vitality; it feeds you with inspiration and connects you with the divine. The yogis believe that when you are born, the goddess exhales into you, simultaneously you inhale, and you are breathed into life. You can imagine it as a divine kiss, an intimate interchange between you and the goddess. Your entire existence from that moment on is but a dance with her, with the sacred life force. The great Shakti is inti- mately present in the ow of each and every breath you take. When you inhale, she is exhaling into you, and when you exhale, it is she who is inhaling. In essence, it is Shakti who is exchanging life force with you 21,000 times a day, in rhythm with the rise and fall of life. Tend to this relationship daily by giving great reverence to the flow of the breath and its wisdom, as this is the most intimate relationship of your life. Honor the ways it moves you, be in awe of its magic, and fall in love with all its endless qualities from its softness and its wildness to its bestowing and receiving of life and love. Your breath is the intersection between moral and divine, between earth and heaven, and between your body and the larger body of life! This dance will continue until Shakti takes the Maha (great) Breath, inhaling your final breath of this life.

We have reached the center point, the heart of the whole system, the Anahata Chakra. The place where heaven merges with earth, spirit weaves with the matter, and the divine masculine makes love to the divine feminine. A dance of opposite forces coming together to bring about wholeness, true integration, and balance. It is through this great embrace of all of who we are that we awaken to the extraordinary power and gift of LOVE! Love. We all know its power! It is what makes you feel like you can walk on air, heal your deepest wounds, rest in a space of profound peace, and spread your wings and fly! It also brings you to your knees, makes you howl, sepa- rates and divides, and builds invisible walls of protec- tion. One of the great paradoxes of the heart is the more open and sensitive it becomes, the more vulnerable it is to being wounded. But what if there was a place that you could go to not only soothe but heal this holy ache of the heart? What if there was a place you could find that did not require you to shut love down or dress up in armor, but instead a place that freed you to love bigger, bolder, and wilder? Anahata means “the unbeaten,” “the unstruck,” “the unwounded,” and “the unbreakable.” But the very nature of the heart is that it beats, it breaks, it bleeds, and it gets wounded again and again. The word Anahata is playfully pointing to the fact that you have two hearts, not one! The physical heart which handles all the beating and the spiritual heart that is unbreakable and never dies. The spiritual heart is the innermost cave of your heart space, known in Sanskrit as the hridaya. This is your personal reservoir of limitless love that you can return to again and again for true heal- ing. Not as an escape, but to be tenderly held, repaired, and deeply nourished on every level. This place that is just for you will never tire of loving you, as its power and compassion are eternal. Where your two hearts meet is the birthplace of ananda, the ceaseless, boundless joy of existence. Let’s explore the unbreakable you, fall madly in love, make way for the rise of intimacy, and dance with your beloved. ANATOMY OF THE HEART CHAKRA The yantra of the heart is represented by a lotus ower with twelve petals. You can imagine each petal to repre- sent one of the sentiments of the heart—joy, lightness, tenderness, grief, sorrow, hope, loss, elation, love, unity, compassion, and empathy. Inside the lotus, there is a radiant six-pointed star formed by two interlocking trian- gles. The six points suggest all the directions in which our heart and love can move, soar, and shine forth and how,


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