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6 T i p s f o r F i t n e s s C o a c h e s o n S o c i a l M e d i a

6 Tips to Help You Be More Consistent On Social Media

1. Your story becomes how you serve: This is a total mindset tip that you absolutely need if you’re going to show up consistently on social media to grow your business and your brand. There can be a million trainers out there, but NONE of them are YOU! It’s really awesome to write down that story of how you got to where you are now and all the struggles and triumphs. Whether it’s the tough- est or most motivated day, it always feels good to reflect on how far you’ve come. 4. Talk about what you know: Trust do knowwhat to talk about. You get questions ALL the time fromothers. Choose questions you get a lot and feel comfortable answering - no question. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on social media, you just need to be consistent. Get on IG Stories, IG LIVE or just record a quick 30-second video clip on your phone and post it once a week. From there you can get feedback from your audience including future topics for future videos.

2. Focus on providing value: You don’t have to share what you’re doing all the time on social media if that’s not something that’s going to be valu- able to your audience and ideal client (generally it’s not, unless it’s on IG stories). YES, people do want to learnmore about you and get to know your personality and things that you enjoy...but value first! There’s a difference between creating a post or video complaining about a situation and making it all about you, and creating one that gives points on what you learned from a situation that was annoy- ing or frustrating. Make sense? VALUE! 5. Reach out for collaborations: It’s so much fun collabing with and providing value with others in our industry. Invite someone to hop on an IG or FB LIVE with you to talk about a particular topic, try a giveaway to help boost engagement and give back to your audience. It can be really scary to show up on social media if we feel like we are doing it all on our own. You’re absolutely not! Send some DMs or connect with others you know and start making a difference together.

3. Create exercise video content in bulk: Take 1 hour a week to film exercise videos right on your phone and put them on Google Drive or Dropbox in orga- nized folders like, “Core” “Bodyweight” “Legs & Booty” or whatever organizing system makes most sense to you. You can never go wrong posting a workout or breaking down the form of a certain exercise. You can film yourself using a tripod or meet up with a friend or fellow trainer who needs content as well and work together! 6. CLEAR Call to action (CTA): Tell your audience what you want them to do in your post and make it just one simple thing. I know I put this as #6, but think about this before you actually create and post your content. This direction will help you not have to think somuch and will make it super clear for you audience to get the value and take action! • Tag a friend who needs to hear/see this • Leave me your feedback in the comments • Join my class this Friday LIVE @ 8am!

Ideas for Instagram Feed Content for Fitness Coaches: • Post a photo or video breaking down a single exercise - form, variations, progressions, regressions, etc.

becoming your client really want to see them. My client testimonial emails and social media posts have the highest conversion rate! • Healthy recipes + supplement affiliates • Good vs bad form: post a carousel of different ways people could be doing an exercise wrong and how to correct it/ post a video of you showing all the ways (do both!)

• Post a carousel of exercise videos and put the workout in the description. • Client testimonials - these are gold! Videos, before and after photos, quotes... do it all! Even if they don’t get a ton of engagement or likes... they are so important and those who are watching and are on the fence about

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