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When it comes to clean beauty and clean makeup we really need to cover detoxifying our personal care routines and utilizing clean and radiance promoting practices for internal and external holistic beauty. It is a passion of mine to connect withmy clients from across the globe, hear their skin goals and listen to what’s important to them (including their budget and lifestyle), and create a custom- ized at-home and in-clinic program for all things skincare, makeup, collagen induction. During our first 20 minutes or so I really like to listen, and pick up on things that may or may not be in your awareness and environment that may in fact be accelerating your aging process without knowing it. Hands down my most radiant clients are biohacking or have well-established body, mind, spirit and energy balancing practices. I love supporting my clients during this journey and also helping them avoid the gimmicks by staying on the “straight and narrow”. There is no “one size fits all” or “cookie-cutter” skincare and rejuvenation protocol, and there is no “magic bullet” beauty cream, “beauty pill” supplement for the hair, skin and nails, treatment, or device. It is a matter of playing your cards right, understanding your epigenetics, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to reduce your accelerated aging by reducing inflammation which I refer to as “inflammaging”. Your environment and lifestyle might play a larger role than you realize compared to your skincare and rejuvenation routine. This is where I come in to help guide you towards cleaner options and simply tweak what you’re doing in many aspects of your self-care routine for the face, hair, and body for better long-term results. Did you know that there are supplements, and then they are “skin optimized supplements” that have FDA and Health Canada Approvals for reducing skin inflammation, brightening the skin and reducing oxidative stress? If you’re going to take a multivitamin, collagen or omega supplement you might as well use something that’s clean, third party independent lab tested and will give you the clinical results you're hoping for! Check out my latest article on my personal “Beauty Supplement Stack” and How To Reduce Oxidative Stress In Aging Skin here: how-to-reduce-oxidative-stress-in-skin-aging/ In this recent article, I share my favorite skin antioxidant which contains Superoxide Dismutase and a brightening enzyme to help reduce sun and age spots, as well as my top collagen and omega supplement which helps provide our skin with sunscreen from the inside and out. Why are skin supplements important? You can’t possibly have healthy insides and healthy skin cells if you’re lack- ing the key building blocks of peptides and antioxidants that our bodies need to function happily. Because your skin is your largest organ, it is a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside. If you’re noticing skin changes like a mole that’s changed, or a red and flakey area that comes and goes

youmust have it looked at by your Physician as skin cancer is very real. Supplements that are well-formulated, a third-party inde- pendent lab tested, and have clinical stud- ies providing they actually help fight free radicals, like the supplements I mentioned inmy other recent article, will likely outper- form any beauty pill you will find marketed to you over social media. Quality, efficacy and cleanliness of ingredients matter in your skincare, supplements, personal care prod- ucts and even your home cleaning products! Ingredientswe definitelyneed to start avoiding in all products now are parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes, fragrances, chemical sunscreen filters and of course not support- ing companies that test on animals. We vote with our dollars and if we aren’t careful we may unknowingly continue to perpetuate the big brands making more toxic prod- ucts that are harmful to ourselves and our beautiful environment. This is particularly important during perimenopausal, meno- pausal and postmenopausal times in our lives because if we aren’t careful, our daily products can seriously interfere with our bodies ability to detoxify itself and cause harm by using hormone-disrupting prod- ucts like those ingredients I mentioned. If you have an autoimmune condition, thyroid condition, or are taking hormone replace- ment therapy you absolutely need to focus on reducing your toxic load and not overfill your “toxic bucket”. On your own, this can be a pretty daunting task to review your current skincare and

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