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The Pre-Game Warm-up of Mindset Startled, my hand quickly reached for the back of my neck as the first nip of fall chilled me into an uncon- trollably quick shutter. I straightened myself up and turned around, my wary eyes searching up into the fading light of a colorless northern sky. On the ranch growing up, oldtimers showed me how to read the sky. "She will always tell you what's coming, respect her enough to see her message, and listen openly to her warnings in the wind." In the past, I struggled when fall came; my thoughts turned hostile, and I always felt like fall took things, no stole them from me. It took away the daylight, my workdays, my beach days, the warmth of the sun, and seem to kill all the green I loved of summer. Everyone saw it in me too, and the worst part was, I became that because of what I thought was happening to me. Now, my conscious brain knew that wasn't true, a season can't steal anything from you, but my unconscious brain believed it was happening. It felt so dang real to me. So how did I stop that darkness from overtaking me, making me a man I never want to be again? I use a fantastic little NLP tool, and it's called Preframing. So, Preframing is creating or changing your frame of reference or perspective about something you will experience before it even takes place. For example, have you ever watched an Olympic athlete before their turn to compete? They close their eyes; their mind, hands, and body seem to rehearse what they want their perfect performance to be. Yes, they practice and train at insane levels, but when they aren't physically preparing, their mind focuses and repeats that movie of the perfect performance in their mind. It becomes second nature, and the subconscious starts to reprogram and believes it has already happened. Muscle memory kicks in. The body does what it thinks it's already done thousands of times, and it creates the future you Preframed in your mind. Now, focus on the future moment you want to change for the upcoming holidays. Get a crystal clear, sharply focused picture of the beginning of that moment in your mind.

for a few days, maybe a week, learn- ing where to sign up for benefits or write a resume? And then they are out in the civilian world, without train- ing or guidance. Why is Preframing so powerful not only for them but their families too? Simple, the tools they learned and mastered to defend and protect all of us, and each other, are tremendous assets when used and deployed differently in the civilian world. They need to learn new tactics and maneuvers. To gain a new sense of situational awareness, better diplo- macy skills, and mission plan out their future. They met as strangers, standing on the same painted footprints that the strangers that came before them did. They didn't become like a family. They are family, and they treat each other as brothers and sisters. They care so much for each other that they would lay down their life for a brother or sister. I have followed their example and walk through my world, treating people as my brothers and sisters. Live their model too, and the next time you have to meet someone who sets off a trigger in you, Preframe it. Imagine you are meeting them as your brother or sister. How would you speak with them? Oh, you may fight sometimes, yet go into that meeting as a family, remember, brothers and sisters. Let your message flow when you are calm from a place of love and compassion. Just watch how much better it will be received when you Preframe it.

I remember the day it all changed.

Set the atmosphere, make yourself calm, relaxed, and ready. Now, from that picture, start directing your movie the way you want it to go. Again, you can't change anyone but yourself. It's not about think- ing, "They won't say that, or do this to me," that's on them to change. Preframing is about when they do this, "I will feel calm and loved, or I will be strong, I love the person I am, etc." When something trig- gers you, pause the movie, decide what it was and how your emotions will change, and put that in your movie. Rewind it, play it again, need to change it? Go ahead, now rewind it, play it, this time it worked, cool, keep going. Once the movie is just how you want it, rewind and keep playing it in your mind over and over. Remember, we can't control others, but we each have total control over our feelings, emotions, and mindset. Preframing is a fantastic tool I share when working with my clients, especially the veterans because they are geared towards and understand the value of training. They may not love the training; often, it's complex, uncomfortable, and challenging. Yet when they come out the other side, it's now a part of them. They will have become or took a step closer to becoming who they signed up to be, OO-RAH. In every service, men and women go through a boot camp, 8-10 weeks of intense training to get in. Yet what happens when they get out? Some have told me there is a TAP (Transitional Assitance Program)

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