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Meet Dr. Dee


Did you know that every color we see produces a set frequency of its own? Each of these frequencies has a different tone that produces an additional color. For example, when you think about each chakra, there is a color associated with it. This is because each chakra produces a different frequency. These different frequencies also serve different healing bene- fits. This is exactly why nutritionists are so adamant about people adding a little color into their daily nutrition.

One of my personal favorite things about eating the rain- bow is that you are actively providing your body with all the building supplies it could ever need! But even better is the fact that when you eat this way, you are also helping to naturally balance out all of your chakras at the same time!

Ready to see what each color has in store for your health and how to add more color to your life?

Red Foods When choosing the best color for your heart health, red is your absolute go-to. These foods contain high levels of phytonutrients called anthocya- nins, ellagic acid, and lycopene.

Orange Foods Orange-colored foods help you produce collagen and reduce inflammation. They containAlpha-car- otene, Beta-carotene, Beta-cryptoxanthin, Lutein, Vitamin C, and Folate.

Yellow Foods Yellow foods are high in carotenoids, bioflavo- noids, vitamin C and A. All of which help boost collagen production and balance out your body's pH levels.

396 Hertz: helps remove feelings of guilt, fear, and shame. While developing strength, courage, and balance your root chakra.

417 Hertz: helps eliminate all negativity which can help to bring about positive change. Great for reducing stress.

528Hertz: Known as the love, miracle, and trans- formational tone. Lowers cortisol levels, increases energy and self-esteem.

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