Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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W a t c h Y o u r T o n e !

Green Foods Green foods contain chlorophyll, catechins, flavo- noids, folate, nitrates, tannins, phytosterols, and isoflavones. All of which promote heart, immune, hormone, and digestive health.

Blue Foods Blue foods produce anthocyanin, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, polyphenols, resveratrol, and ellagic acids. Great for brain, heart, vision, urinary health, and the prevention of cancers.

Purple Foods Purple foods are high in anthocyanins which have been shown to help improve brain health, reduce inflammation, prevent cancers and heart disease.

639 Hertz: helps with connecting interpersonal relationships, enhances communication, toler- ance, and heart.

741 Hertz: the problem-solving frequency which helps detoxify the mind and body.

852 Hertz: raises awareness, awakens intuition, inner strength, and improves cellular energy.

White Foods White foods are high in potassium, fiber, beta-glu- cans, lignans, and epigallocatechin gallate. Which can help activate natural B and T cells which can help reduce the risk of some cancers.

Brown Foods Brown foods, naturally and in raw forms, are rich in vitamins andminerals such as potassium, fiber, beta-glucans, lignans, and epigallocatechin gallate, for immunity, heart, and digestive health.

Each color serves a purpose. So when it comes to creating your daily nutri- tion, it is imperative to include every color on your plate. Your nutrition should be as colorful and vibrant as your lifestyle. Not to mention the more variety you add to your dish, the more flavor you end up with. It is important to note that there are colors that pop up more often during each season. Mother nature always has your health in mind, and as such, the nutrients you need more of during that season pop up left and right when you need themmost. This season is full of some tasty options. Don't believe me? Be sure to check

out these issues recipes to show you firsthand how easy it is to eat your way to better health. For evenmore tips, tricks, and recipes, connect withme on www.AskDrDee. com. Your health is without a doubt the greatest investment youwill evermake. If you are ready to take back control of your health and happiness, I am alwaysmore than happy to help. Given that stress is themost common issue we all struggle with, I have put together a quick gift designed to help you get your stress in check. What would your life be like with less stress andmore energy? Why not find out with me?

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