Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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Hi, I’m Cathy McKinnon, and I was addicted to doing. I’m a do-er.

Society has even praised doing, doing, doing. 5 AM club. Hustle harder. The grind doesn’t stop. Do more! But in ALL this doing, what are we actually DOING?

Most of the people I’ve worked with are do-ers. In fact, it’s hard to get us to NOT do. There is always something to do. A never-ending to-do list of “shoulds” and “supposed to’s.” To be honest, the LOVE the hustle, the thrill of rising into a challenge, the test- ing of limits to see just how hard we can push ourselves is an adrenaline rush. But, can we possibly push ourselves farther, longer, harder, to that edge, and maybe even a little past what feels like our breaking point? Probably. Eventually, though, doing becomes robotic replaces who we are, who we are meant to be. When you become the do-er, you become the taskmaster of your soul, instead of allowing your true self to shine, to embody who you were meant to be. Doing is a distraction, an escape. Doing can even become an addiction. Addicted to the rush of having so much on your plate. Addicted to the feel- ings of overwhelm. Addicted to always having more to do. Addicted to running from dealing and feeling. That’s what we’re made for. High achievers with big goals, big dreams, and lots to DO to achieve those dreams are particularly susceptible to falling into this mode.

When DOING becomes a distraction for who you are, your soul loses alignment. It starts focusing on the EXTERNAL - the doing, the tasks instead of what’s in your soul. What’s really tugging on you to heal, feel, be, and share with the world. The traumas we need to face. The triggers we know we need to heal. The Future You, the best version of you, the magic you were mean to share. All the repressed feelings that are shoved down and suppressed, repressed and escaped from by DOING. Doing something to “control” what you feel. Doing something so you can feel “safe” from having to feel. Doing something to get acknowledgment, praise, VALIDATION! Instead of - gasp! - having to actually BE with who you are. It’s an extremely uncomfortable spot to sit in. I’ve sat in it many times over the years in different forms. But, through furthering my education to corpo- rate America and filling every moment of my schedule, I didn’t have to be or feel this escapism into trying to shove more DOING into my schedule, wallet, and business so that I could escape feeling.

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