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A r e y o u a d d i c t e d t o d o i n g ?

I didn’t want to feel. Because truth be told, I was scared of all the BIG feelings I had to face. I was scared they would consume me if I really sat and acknowl- edged who I was and what I was avoiding FEELING. I didn’t really like who I was back then. I didn’t like FEELING like a fraud. I didn’t like FEELING like I could be rejected. I didn’t like FEELING my own judgments about myself. Yet, you gotta FEEL it to HEAL IT. When you’re not used to FEELING, it can feel overwhelming to start. Yet, it is through looking at these pieces of your soul, these fragments of feel- ing that stop the cycle of doing and being everywhere and instead allow you to BE. BE with yourself. BE your most authentic self. BE truthful. BE loving. BE compassionate. We fall into the cycle of doing…. Most people DO compassion. They show it to others, but they don’t live it themselves. Most people DO truth - they speak with integrity to others, all while denying their soul under the myths and lies of “I’m fine.” Most people DO love - showing it to others but not filling their cup for them- selves. That’s DOING at the expense of who you BE. Because it’s not aligned, it’s not congruent with who you are BEING. Personal integrity says we need to keep our word to ourselves; cracks in the foundation mean it won’t hold up over time. When you flip the script… You DO from the place of who you are and desire to be; that’s alignment! When you DECIDE the version of you that you desire to be and then show up from that place, that is where the magic happens! Stop distracting yourself with more DOING and challenge yourself to sit and be still with who you desire to show up. Experience what FEELINGS come up. When I first did this, I could barely sit still, was MASSIVELY uncomfortable, and felt like I wanted to run away frommyself as fast as possible. What are you running from? What are you trying to control, suppress, repress or hide from? Choose stillness. Choose peace. Choose to NOT do. Choose to BE. I promise you this – BEING does not eliminate DOING; it aligns the two. So for all the doers who are scared of BEING, I promise you, you WILL have to do to be done. The doing will become aligned, on purpose, and from a place of peace and fulfillment instead of distraction, chaos, and overwhelm! Align to activate your soul!

Bio: Cathy McKinnon, Transformation Coach, 3x#1 International Best Selling Author and Founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching. As a Transformation Strategist, Cathy helps serves women who know deep down they are meant for more, and they are ready to take steps to start embodying that version of themselves. As a heart lead entrepreneur, her coaching container walks alongside these incredible women helping them gain clarity on the major facets of their life and start stepping into the gifts, confidence, and magic they were born to share with the world! Her coaching leaves women with confidence, growth, and healing so they can more effectively lead themselves, their families, their organizations …while thinking big. To further the conversation on how to start Elevating Your Legacy, join Cathy as she takes the stage to speak at the Imfluaxion Conference in Chicago Oct 22-24, 2021! Not in the Chicago area? No problem! Join virtu- ally! Check out the details at

This is the journey of gratitude and ambition! In April 2021, Chicago Entrepreneurs Magazine named Cathy “Chicago’s Top Coach.”

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