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Let me tell you a quick story... After losing my mother to Lupus as a 9-year old, not knowing who my father was until 17 years old, being sexually abused at 13 years old, becoming a teen mom at the age of 16, and being involved in a tumultuous relationship with an older man… I found myself at 23 years old at the right place at the right time when I became the CEO of a high- end, luxury day spa. I was financially flexible and created a great lifestyle for myself and my daugh- ter; but behind closed doors, I was stressed, had unresolved childhood trauma, was looking for love in all the wrong places, made very unhealthy food choices, carried a very heavy mental load and felt guilty about how I showed up for myself and my daughter.

repair our relationships, we're highly toxic within our bodies and at the cusp of disease, or we're SO overwhelmed that we decide to end it all and take our own lives leaving our children here to fend for themselves. Let me tell you something… Inheritance is not just wealth, it’s well-being. Ok, maybe you didn’t look for love in all the wrong places like I did, but that unresolved trauma is costing you your well-being. Oftentimes we put on masks and no, I'm not talking about our Covid mask, I'm talking about the mask we put on every morning around 7:58 am after we log our kids into school and before we walk in the room with our team members and colleagues. I call it your “7:58 mask”. We hide behind our masks to keep

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Your Primary Nourishments feed you, but they don’t come on your plate. Your Secondary Nour- ishments are: Foods That Strengthens Your Well-Being These foods actually come on your plate and like everything else, they should be in alignment with you and your body. The more Primary nourishment we receive, the less we depend upon Secondary nourishments and vice versa. COME ON NOW! Let’s say that again for the people in the back! The more we fill ourselves with secondary nourishments, the less we are able to receive the primary nourishments of life. What areas are you struggling with? Is it Primary? Secondary? Or Both? Standing in your truth is the first step. I’d love to hear. I pray that this article blessed you in some way. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary CEO Mom Intervention Chat with me, I’d love to see how I can support you.

from owning and dealing with our past or present hurt and trauma. It's easier to suppress it and keep moving, but it will always show up in other places of our lives. Whether it’s in our addictions, in our relationships, in our bodies, or through our food it will show up.

My facade said "I have it all together", but privately, my personal life, relationships and some of my health areas were falling apart.

Unknowingly, I modeled this behavior for my daughter. I realized that I had created my self-identity as a career woman and I took much pride in my work as a way to escape everything I had gone through. My unresolved Trauma was manifesting through my lifestyle and costing me my well-being… I don't know if you've seen, but the numbers tell us that 9.8 million women in leadership, and are also mothers, are suffering tremendously from mental load, stress and burnout. The expectations that are placed upon us and the guilt we place upon ourselves are coming at a cost; a complete cost of our well-being. Women are in a crisis unlike EVER before. While we're running successful companies, manag- ing our households, leading others and giving of ourselves daily, simultaneously… our addictions, mental health, suicides, stress eating, and disease are up by 1000% Because we’ve created our identities in our careers, ego and pride step in and say “I’ve got it all together”. As we mentally own this facade, we start to neglect things around us like our personal lives, relationships, and our own well-being. When we finally realize it, we need decades of therapy to

There’s a true connection between trauma and our complete well-being… and if we aren’t intentional about making ourselves a priority, there will be a lack of clarity of what to do next because we have become too familiar with the “functioning addic- tion” cycle. This way of operating is not sustainable and there are life-altering costs for you and others. So HOW do you go from this mask-wearing, high-performing individual to that woman who shows up and sustains all areas of her life authen- tically? You make a conscious decision to put your oxygen mask on first so you can save everyone around you. That's the space where I want to step in and offer my support… I call it, The Love You More Method. You see, I believe your well-being should be broken down into two different sources of nourishment. Primary and Secondary. They both work for hand and hand and they are both EVER evolving because you will ever evolve as well. Your Primary Nourishments are things like:

It’s time to model well-being for generations to come.

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