Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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“Ask yourself - what problem do I solve for my client?”

We all want a seat at the lunch table. As entrepreneurs, our ego and identity are intertwined with our work, so when a prospect says no or ghosts us we feel it in our soul. It’s like we are the most vulner - able version of ourselves at that moment. So many people are NOT doing sales correctly. They get into this sales role and they think they have to put on their “sales hat” with their “sales suit”. They start acting weird and they stop being human. People make this WAY more difficult than it has to be. It’s not about using tactics, or strategies, or scripts…. anyone that tells you that you have to study sales tactics, special words, or psychological schemes is wrong and will NOT be successful in sales. Do not let your fear of rejection or failure eclipse your motivation to succeed. Sales are simple, it is based on emotion, based on being a human being. It is coming from a place of service to the customer, asking them their needs, and showing how you are their solution. Salespeople are problem solvers. Your client has a pain point, and you have the perfect solution to take their pain away. What do they need, what can you give them? Come from an authentic place of provid - ing education and value. Being a problem solver and a helper, you will never feel “spammy” or “annoying” …….or the dreaded “salesy”.

Sales. Oh, snap….yeah….I went there. I said it.

How did you feel reading that word? Did it feel like I ripped a bandaid off your arm? I bet you made a face... am I right? Sales is one of THE most uncomfortable topics in business… I mean… makes you squirm in your seat and your face feels hot. It’s the biggest roadblock for my clients. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, and now we have to think about selling?? We avoid thinking about it, we definitely avoid talking about it….and the end result is a lack of business growth. Trust me, you are NOT alone. We would sooner let the client figure it out for them - selves rather than pitch our product or service. Sales and clients grow your business! So when you ignore the topic, hoping it’ll go away, or you think you'll work on it later...that is NOT a strategy. It’s costing you money. You must be able to confidently take pros - pects from awareness to decision. Why is it that we want to avoid talking about sales or telling people what we charge? Sales is a scary topic because there is a HUGE potential for rejection and failure. No one likes to fail and no one likes to be rejected. We all want to be seen, heard, and validated.

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