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Why sales mi ght be YOUR b i ggest roadblock and the secret to mak i ng i t FUN!

By being in sales, you are a helper….a problem solver! Doesn’t that make you feel more confident? Knowing that you have a valuable product or service and what you offer is the key to solving their pain, doesn’t that make you feel confident and less worried about being “salesy” or “annoying”? Ask yourself - what problem do I solve for my client? Here are some examples…..think through these as you consider your specific product or service and I want you to note which ones relate to you: • Save time or money • Less stress • Making money/building wealth • Feeling better, looking better • Safety and security Knowing which problems on this list you can solve will keep you focused on helping your client, and bring you confidence. Here are a few more keys to building your confidence in sales: Be YOU. Be yourself. Use YOUR own words and lead with your heart. LISTEN to the client, they will tell you EXACTLY what they need. “What’s in it for me?” is what every client wants to know. They want to know how YOU are going to help them. How are YOU their best solution? You can completely change the way you feel about selling so you actually get JOY out of making the sale. Being confident in your unique sales approach, and your nurture sequence for your clients is critical to the growth of your business because, without sales, we have no business. Remember to put the client FIRST, ask them what they need, and be their solution. This will bring you confi - dence in sales, and this will grow your income.

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