Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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Situational events occur in our life that often put our faith, courage, and strength to the test. During the dark- est times in my life, I managed to find peace. I attribute this finding to the universe and the highest YAH. After years of constant negativity, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and deep-seated wounds, the universe, and my under- standing of the power that I possessed, aligned and the pain that I once allowed, was no more. Self-reflection and acceptance played a key role in under- standing that no matter what has happened to me, despite my past, or the choices I made, I still deserve peace and happiness. Too often things would happen in my life, and it was easier to hold on to it, blame myself and just let the pain fester inside me. My daddy issues created a worm- hole of insecurities. For years I felt, that if my own father couldn’t love me, no man would, which ultimately led to me not loving myself. I changed this narrative when I dug down to the root of the issues and pulled them from their source. Having the much-needed conversations with those who I allowed to disturb my peace was where it all began. Scary I know, to address things, issues, people, and places that have hindered us from progressing to our higher state of being. But I strongly encourage all to reroute your pain to peace and place your mind in a state of positivity. It is possible. Understand and know this, the things in our lives that have happened. We cannot change those things and we don’t have to allow those actions or choices from others to determine who, how or what we are, or what we desire to become. Start by making the conscious decision to self-evaluate, acknowledge, and accept that despite the circumstances and situations, it was not our fault, we won’t let it happen again and peace is the priority by any means necessary. Remember that you control your emotions, and no one can make you feel anything. No one can MAKE you mad, you allow yourself to be consumed in

anger. You decide the emotional response to situations. Sometimes it is much easier to be angry versus happy. Peace is a state of mind, a state of being. Pain is whatever you allow it to be. Keyword is allowed! Remaining in a place of anger blocks your ability to vibrate higher. Relinquish the stigma that seeking help means you are “crazy”. What it means is you are human. To obtain true peace, we must acknowledge the pain, then process this pain. Take that energy and turn it into something positive. Addressing your issues not only frees mental space but it gives your spirit rest. “Free your mind and the REST will follow!” Meditation, psychotherapy, prayer, reading. There are so many positive coping mech- anisms that are effective but only when you are mentally ready to take control of the pain. Be transparent with yourself. Peace starts with effective self-care. Don’t be afraid to share your story. Posting on social media will often have us lying to ourselves, know- ing deep down inside, there is a little boy or girl screaming for help. Social media allows people to sit behind a screen and become whomever they desire. Masking the pain and not addressing any issues because the pseudo-life chosen to live is merely a band-aid to the gunshot wound to your soul. Protect your eye and ear gates, meaning, we must be careful with what we watch, read, or listen to, and ulti- mately the influences we welcome into our headspace. These factors can have a major effect on your healing and how you process situations in your life. Remember that everything in LIFE is temporary, includ- ing LIFE. We were all created on purpose with a purpose. Always take time to reflect on the pain, react to the pain in a positive manner and redistribute that pain into the energy of eclectic force that resonates with who you truly are. The universe will always make a way to balance the pain if you allow it!


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