Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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At age 37 I foundmyself 42 lbs overweight, low energy, brain fog, and poor sleep. I also had eczema on both elbows and my left knee, another skin issue onmy right shoulder, daily rectal bleeding, and surgery to remove a failing organ that ruined a family vacation. My health was a mess and now it was affecting the lives of the people closest to me! A year or so later a friend of mine, Charles, was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer that WesternMedicine told him“there was nothing they could do for him”. In an attempt to save his life, he asked me to go with him to the Hippocrates Health Institute which was a natural health clinic in Florida. The doctors there started talking about how our bodies are literally made from biophotons (light) that are captured on the leaf of a plant. The plants, then through photosynthe- sis, turn the biophoton energy from the sun into electrons. That is why when we consume living foods we are literally raising our frequency by charging our cells with electrons just the same as charging a battery. So what are living foods? Living foods are “alive” when you eat them. These life-giving, disease-eliminating foods are things like sprouts, fresh-picked veggies and sprouted: nuts, seeds, grains and beans. These living foods contain other micronutrients besides the well-known vitamins, miner- als and trace minerals. They are packed with Hormones, Oxygen, Phytochemicals and Enzymes (H.O.P. E.) The doctors and nurses there touted “Living Foods'' as powerful medicines. Living foods, unfortunately, start to lose these vital medicinal elements as soon as they are picked. Unfortunately, even if they are picked fresh, cooking destroys 95-100% of the vital biophoton energy.

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