Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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9 B i g g e s t M i s t a k e s

Mistake 2 - Living a sedentary lifestyle Sitting in front of a TV screen, socializing, playing video games, lying, or sitting down while endlessly browsing your phone puts you at risk of cardiovascu- lar diseases or even death. Simple activities such as brisk walking, taking the stairs, anything that energizes your cardiovascular system can help to boost your oxygen, minimize stress, ramp up your energy, get better sleep, and aid in your overall health and wellness. Mistake 3 - Not finding the silver lining Although you may have had some experiences that have caused you trauma, know that this is normal. It’s when you continue to give the traumatic event a front seat in your life that it reeks havoc, forcing you into a state of unhealthy mental, emotional or physical trauma. Regain control of your life by focusing on the silver lining and what is working in your life—your accomplishments and successes, the fact that you are here right now reading this blog, you’re breathing fresh air (well, not always so fresh : ), and you’re a survivor. There is always silvery light at the end of every tunnel. Learn to embrace it. Mistake 4 - Avoiding positive connections Whether family, friendship or a romantic relationship, it is from posi- tive connections that we get the value that adds meaning to our lives. In fact, research has revealed that deep connections have been associated with increased happiness and the ability to heal the body, overcome depression, and open the doors to serendipity. So whether it’s having a personal conver- sation, smiling at a stranger, helping someone, offering gratitude to another person, positive connections are essential to living and enjoying happy lives. Mistake 5 - Not utilizing your creative abilities Every human being is created with a gift or talent that needs to be expressed. There is a link between art and positive emotions and mood. When we create, we live in a zone that calms us, helps us have a greater sense of apprecia- tion and introspection. This is why being creative is fun and can shake awake emotions and senses that are often silenced. M

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