Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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Mistake 6 - Depending on people for happiness As much as you may think your happiness is dependent on other people, you should also consider that other people are not capable of solely giving you the positive energy or vibe you require to make you happy. Disappointment then sets in, which may cause emotional traumas that can lead to depression. That is why it is essen- tial to be the source of your own happiness - create a life, connections, and behav- iors so that you can pave the bricks to your own yellow brick road, especially when you’re going through tough times. Mistake 7 - Denying your true feelings You might not get the healing you deserve when you remain in denial of how you feel. Take, for instance, you have a deep cut on your hand, but you keep ignoring it. Does your denial soothe the pain? Of course, not! In other words, downplay- ing or denying your feelings only extends the inevitable, triggering emotional and/or mental health issues like feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. Besides this, you are not able to appreciate positive experiences until you prop- erly address your true feelings. Mistake 8 - Not letting go of the past At one point or the other, everyone has taken certain steps or actions that they ended up regretting. This merely shows our infallibility as humans. Regret can come in many forms - think of someone who regretted placing more attention on their work than their family or a woman who refuses to forgive her ex. When you live in the past, you get stuck in it. Rather than blame, see your past as a gift, a lesson, or a blessing. By adopting a more positive mindset, you are allowing yourself to let it go. Mistake 9 - Not taking time for your self-care and healing With the unavoidable effects of the pandemic - increase in the rate of unemploy- ment, a shift in the way we work, social distancing from family and friends that has left most people in a state of stress, anxiety, and depression - there is no better time than now as we began to turn towards our new normal to take time for your healing and self-care. The best self-care is the ones that help you achieve opti- mal mental health and overall wellness (practicing gratitude, meditation to elim- inate stress, taking breaks to breathe, engaging in physical activities such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep). Not only will self-care optimize your own health and healing, but you will be better off to re-engage in meaningful connections. The fall season is a period of renewal—a time to take in the new and let go of the old. A fleshing of destructive behaviors, shifting to newmindsets, a time to reflect. It’s the perfect season to be broken wide open and seize the moment that will help you flourish in the months and years ahead.

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