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H o m e C o o k F o r Y o u r D o g

The amazing thing Terry and I have found while fighting Canine Cancer with CLEAR is the number of intensely dedi- cated veterinarians, researchers, and animal professionals we have been able to work with and collaborate with. You would be in awe of the number of people out there fight- ing to save your pets. One such veterinarian is Dr. Dody Tyneway, who appears in our documentary about canine lymphoma, My Friend: Changing the Journey. Dody is a licensed veterinarian with nearly 30 years of experience (43 in the veterinary field) and believes in nutrition and the benefits of feeding your pet a healthy diet. She has two thriving veterinary practices, Calabasas Animal Clinic and Holistic Veterinary Center, in Calabasas, California. Most children want to be a veterinarian at some point in their life, but Dody Tyneway knew her path and stuck with it. At thirteen years old, she volunteered at kennels and did whatever it took to achieve her goals. She completed her BS in animal science at Cornell University and achieved her veterinary degree at the University of Florida. Dody then interned at the prestigious Animal Medical Center in New York City. While there, Dody experienced some personal health issues that Western medicine couldn’t solve. She started to research Eastern medicine and began to wonder if

applying holistic therapies could help improve her patients' outcomes, and she soon began to see them thrive! In 2007, when pet food recalls were far too common, she shifted her focus to pet food and nutrition. Dr. Tyneway understands the role proper nutrition plays in the lives of our pets, and as a working mom, she also under- stands how difficult it can be to carve out time to build the perfect plan to meet our pet’s needs. Sure, what you buy on the shelf saves time, but, more often than not, kibble and canned foods don’t check all the boxes when it comes to our pet’s dietary needs. So, Dody put her knowledge to work and developed The Holistic Vet Blend. Dody’s goal is to give the pet owner a choice beyond the grocery shelf to choose healthy ingredients that are organic and humanely raised, seasonal and locally sourced that provide necessary miner- als and vitamins to ensure a balanced diet and do it at a price that makes it attainable. A tall order, but she figured it out! Now Dr. Tyneway has gone one step further by creating a cookbook to help pet owners ensure their pets have tasty home-cooked and healthy meals. You can find her cook- book as well as her Holistic Pet Blend on www.holisticvet- The following is just a taste (get it?) of what you’ll find…

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