Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021



J A N A S H O R T @bestholisticlife

L U N D E N S O U Z A @lifelikelunden Fitness and lifestyle transformation coach

D R . D I X I E S H O R T @AskDrDeeDNM Doctor of Natural Medicine

Best Holistic Life Editor NLP & RTT Practitioner

M A R K A N T H O N Y @psychiclawyermarkanthony Psychic Lawyer Best Selling Author

MARK & ANNETTE ANDERSON @cairntheload Hope & Courage Providers transformation coach

C A T H Y M C K I N N O N I @WellnessWarriorCoaching Chicago’s Top Coach Three Time Best Seller

J E S S I C A D U R B I N @mrs_jessica_durbin Financial Wellness Coach Creater of Moola For Kids

S T A C E Y Z I P F E L @Clear_Cancer FilmMaker and Entertainment Executive

D A N I E L L E M A R G G R A F @Daniellemarggraf Master Manifestor & Author of Sacred Sh*t

J U D Y H a H N @judybrierhahn Functional Medicine Coach Owner of Hahn Holistic Health

T E R R Y S I M O N S @Clear_Cancer Founder of CLEAR Canine Cancer non-profit

C L E V E L A N D H U G H E S Boxing Coach and founder of Healing Mitts boxing

R O N D A A R N D O F E R @rondaarndofer Pilates Studio Owner Mood-Motivation-Meabolisi

G e R I M a R o n e I

B R I T T I N I E W I C K @brittiniewick_fitness Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Picked Top Fitness Coach

Motivational Speaker, Author and Founder of Big and Brave

L . Y . M A R L O W @lymarlow

T A M A R A G O L D E N @Journeyworksretreats Destination Retreat Planner Journey Works Retreats

J o S e P H P e S S a n o @Jourmey_2_joyful Motivational Speaker, Author of Harmonious, Awakening

A N A F A B I A N O @anafa ianorioja Rioja Maven Author of The Wine Region of Rioja

Author, Influencer,.Host of Stop Living with Monsters Podcast

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