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Who is it that’s throwing down when you don’t get your way? Who is laying waste to your relationships demanding everyone unrealistically meet your needs? How is it that you often seemto have triggered responses that feel out of control or involuntary, extreme, knee- jerk reactions to situations, people, places, and things? Pull up a chair, grab a matcha latte, and let’s have a sit-down to talk about the havoc that your unchecked Inner Child can wreak on your life. Editor’s note: Throughout this practice, feel free to replace the pronouns Ryan uses with the ones you best identify with. Don’t you sometimes have this strange feeling that there’s a hostile takeover happening within you, and you act in ways that are surprising and downright outrageous? It’s most likely because there’s an uncon- scious, unhealed part of you that’s demanding you pay attention to it. It’s your Inner Child acting out, because this aspect, which lives within all of us, didn’t get what she needed at that precognitive time, from the ages of 0-7 years old. She took form and has been unac- knowledged from the tender time when you realized your parents weren’t infallible and you weren’t the center of their universe (to varying degrees, depending on your parents). Some of you may have even experi- enced rejection, abandonment, or abuse, and you hid all those complicated feelings those events precipitated. Those repressed feelings, in turn, led to self-sabotage, or the all too familiar drama/chaos cycle in adulthood. It’s truly like having a 5-year-old running the show, pretending to be a grown-up, creating a feeling in


Connecting With Your Inner Child (This is process-oriented, so find a time when you can give yourself over to this beautiful experience.) Create a quiet moment. Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths for a few rounds. Bring yourself into your presence, focusing on your breath as you watch the thoughts come and go. Keep coming back to the breath when you notice a thought. Count from 10 to 1, timing your exhale with each descending number. Ask your Inner Child to come forward. Let her emerge. Picture how she is. Note her age. What is she doing? What is she wearing? Observe her specialness, her adorable vibe. Ask her in your mind to come and be with you, letting her know you have some things to say. Most times she will. If she doesn’t trust you and

you of being an imposter that’s unreliably reactive to whatever shows up on your life’s screen. So let’s unpack and put an end to this immature operating system. You have the power to do just that. Here’s how to make peace with your Inner Child and, ultimately, heal a part of yourself that is demanding you integrate so that you can be whole. And who doesn’t want that? When you’re whole, you live from a place of joy, you pull in relationships that are fulfilling, you align with your purpose, and you live in abundance.

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