Best Holistic Life Magazine Fall 2021

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H e a l i n g Y o u r I n n e r C h i l d

the kid, and dictate play, fun, creativity, imagination, and joy. But you’ll handle the rest. When you do this, and really feel that connection to what you’re declar- ing, you become responsible. You become responsible for yourself and her, knowing no one else can do this healing work but you. You are stepping into the power player on your journey of evolution. Ask her how she feels about this. Usually, she’s pretty psyched to be relieved of the adulting burden and happy about your new connection and commitment to her. You might even find she’s sitting on your lap by now. A good moment to hold her close, and really feel that integra- tion, alongside the tenderness in claiming her. Your New Ally Make a point every day to connect and ask her what she needs. Some people’s Inner Child gives direct commands: coloring, roller skating with friends, watch a movie with popcorn, dancing. The point is to create space to listen in and allow your intuition to guide you with her answers if it’s not a resounding direction. If anything, it will create a container of more silliness and freedom— and we all can use more of that in these heavier times. And if you’re already doing these playful things, then just invite her to the party! If you have kids, and you’re playing card games, puzzles, or Legos, a quick thought of her or an intention for her to be present while you’re doing it, is enough to get the beneficial effects. It’s also helpful to have a picture of yourself as a child that captures your essence, to keep in a place that you see often, reminding you of her needs and wants. And


wants to keep doing her thing over there, tell her you’ll just keep talking over here, and ask her to listen. Keep in mind, you have abandoned her and left her to fend for herself all these years, so she may be wary. Tell her that you’re the adult. The one on duty for her now, so she doesn’t have to have tantrums to be heard. That you’re sorry for all she’s been through, but that you’re going to be checking in with her to meet her needs from here on out. Tell her you love her more than anyone else, and you want to part- ner up so you can create amazing adventures together. That she’s safe. That you “get” her. And you’re going to be listening to what she has to say, giving her lots of room to be, in a way that you haven’t before—but that you, as the adult, are running point, because that’s your job, not hers. So, she gets to be

journaling is also a great way to forge a daily, concrete back-and-forth with her. It can be helpful to write with your non-dominant hand to get some truths from her if you need answers to questions around what’s triggering you, or a clue into what’s really going on for you under the surface. At the end of the day, we have so many aspects that makeup who we are. When we mentally make the effort to connect, listen, and communicate with our Inner Child, we make peace with her, and it can heal the root of your issues as an adult. We become more capable, centered, productive, and able to feel and experience more love in our life. It’s a win-win.

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