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T h e W i n e R e g i o n o f R i o j a

Classifications of Rioja The trust seal featured here is a guarantee of origin and proof that stringent quality control regulations have beenmet by the Rioja Regulatory Control Board established in 1925. They also designated aging terminology that is part of the identity of Rioja wines and are a good reference for understanding. These terms are: Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. Recommendations for Fall foliage In autumn, we transition…and simply warm up. This season is peppered with textures, autumnal color, and holidays centered in fun, unity and sharing a table. The quality, authenticity, balance and diver- sity of Rioja will magnify the spirit of this season in your home and heart. What follows are a few recommendations inside the aforementioned zones and classifications. These wines are available at merchants throughout the USA and is a great reference. Vintages may vary, but what is released has already met strict standards by the region and winery. Bodegas Selección de Autor Tobia-(from the iconic progressive Oscar Tobia. Zone Rioja Alta- village Cuzcurrita de Rio Tiron) Ontañon Crianza 2017-(From the Perez Family zonal leaders and generations of growers. Zone- Rioja Oriental from the village of Quel) Marqués de Riscal Reserva 2015(A centenary winery with an architectural hotel designed by Frank Gehry- Zone Rioja Alavesa, village of El Ciego) Ramon Bilbao Reserva 2015 Approaching their centenary anniversary with a gifted winemaker-Zone Rioja Alta-village Haro) YSIOS Reserva 2015-Monovarietal 100% Tempranillo from architectural feat of Santiago Calatrava-Zone Rioja Alavesa, village Laguardia) OSTATU Reserva 2015- Basque generational family winery zone Rioja Alavesa, village Samaniego)Ibericos Reserva 2015 by Torres (Torres is a world renown wine family zone Rioja Alavesa, village Labastida) 904 Gran Reserva 2011 (Centenary and iconic La Rioja Alta- Zone Rioja Alta, village Haro Beronia Gran Reserva 2011 (stellar team and Rioja Alta expres- sion, zone Rioja Alta, village Ollauri) Visit Rioja- 3 Ways In the Glass, in my book, and on foot. * Tasting Rioja wine is a mirror of the place- its authenticity, quality, and flavor profile. The soulful quality, depth, and balance of these wines truly reflect the region. * The Wine Region of Rioja is a seminal scholarly work and award-winning in photography, history, and travel. It has also received many accolades from readers as a journey to Rioja through the pages. Available from Amazon or autographed from * Finally on foot! Last but not least! Rioja ismagnificent. There is beauty, harmony, gastronomy, world-class wines, monuments, the greatest wine museum in the world, spa experiences, sport- ing, artisanal producers, and world-class architecture. Rioja has the great- est concentration of architectural wineries of any wine region in the world.

In the business of wine, they say the USA is a “varietal drivenmarket,”mean- ing that many people get acquainted with wine through a grape andmake their choices in that way. It may be “I’ll have a merlot” or “Can you recommend a chardonnay.” However, wine is often approached by region. This means the place of origins such as Napa, Bordeaux, Chianti, or Rioja. For the later 3, the place and wine are often interchangeable. It may translate into “We’ll try the Chianti,” or what I always hear is “I LOVE Rioja.” My expertise around this region and its wine has required continual, commit- ted hard work as a self-taught grandmaster from Picasso’s or Michelange- lo’s workroom. This extraordinary wine place continues to be a source of inspiration, teaching, and learning that I enthusiastically embrace every day. For the collector, frequent or occasional wine drinker, or the novice, welcome to Rioja. Riojans are consummate hosts and driven by excellence, pride, heri- tage and diversity for every wine explorer to drink up. Vital Stats *Situated in northern Spain in a privileged terroir inside the boundaries of 3 provinces, Rioja is considered one of the 5 greatest red wine regions in the world. 65%of their wines are aged red wines and Rioja is quality driven. With- out doctorial lessons, this drills down to culture, inculcated in the land, its people, and carried forward with consummate pride. * One can trust Rioja for the authenticity in the glass, not marketing trends, tricks, jargon, or additives. The DOCa designation is the highest that, along with many regulations, requires 100% bottling at the point of origin. This is authenticated through a trust seal that must appear on every bottle. *Rioja is pronounced Ree-Oh-Ha! *Easily accessible by car, plane, train, or bus from various major cities in Spain and Europe. *Rioja has a rich ancient, classic, and modern history that is a testament to genuine wine culture. Zones The DOCa of Rioja is divided into 3 zones. They are: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental. Inside these zones are 144 villages designated for grape growing. Many different factors contribute to the “terroir.” This term refer- ences elements such as the soil, sun, elevations, day and evening tempera- tures, wind and more. Grapes Great wine begins with the fruit. It is important to remember that, unlike other alcoholic beverages, wine is an agricultural product that grows through a 4 season cycle requiring much care. The type of grape and soil are big factors in determining the flavor profile. The primary grape of Rioja is TEMPRANILLO (Tem-pra-knee-yo). It is a medium-bodied grape that adjusts well to produce young wines or aged wines. Tempranillo accounts for 80% of Rioja’s vine- yards. The finest expression of tempranillo can be found in Rioja.

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