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Y o u A r e E n o u g h !

There are days when it seems as if nothing is going right. When the people in your life drive you crazy, and every time you turn around, someone tells you that "you weren't good enough." You feel alone and hopeless--like there's no way out. I know what this feels like because I've been there: feeling blue with not much hope left for better things to come... But don't let your heart be trou- bled.! There IS a way out of the rut of negativity. Some work on YOUR part will be required to get past those tough times. Keep reading even though those negative thoughts may keep pounding away at your mind; It's so hard to believe that we are enough. Why is it? Well, I believe that our negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves stem from our past- for example, you may have heard messages in your childhood telling you "you weren't good enough." That probably made a last- ing impact on how you feel now. If someone told me I wasn't good enough as an adult, my confidence would be shattered! It can be easy to say these things out loud or write them down, but when they're put into practice with other people who don’t deem us worthy of love, then all those doubts surface once again. Sometimes the negative thoughts in our head will become so convincing that we start to believe them. It's easy for me to see the good attributes of others, but it takes more effort than just believing when we face the mirror, and all of those flaws are reflected back at us. It takes courage to dig into our past, commit to change, and recognize the distorted thinking that might be caus- ing those negative thoughts. The first step is recognizing there's something worth changing--you deserve better than what you're currently experiencing in your life. With some self-reflection or a chat with someone who really knows you well (a good friend, parent, or coun- selor), positive changes can happen quickly, so don't let anything stop you from taking this journey for yourself! You can break the cycle of negativity. Commit yourself to righting your distorted thoughts and reflecting on your past, or engage with a therapist if you need more help in understanding what might be going on inside! You'll find that breaking those old thought patterns will allow new insights into who YOU are--the person who is enough. Expect this process to take time; it won't happen overnight, but eventually, there will be positive changes coming from within and without when others

see the amount of work you have accomplished during dark times! In a sometimes dark world, it can feel like we need to prove ourselves every day. It seems as if there is always someone telling you that you are not enough. But the truth of the matter is: you ARE ENOUGH! And your worthiness doesn't come from what people think or say about you; rather, it comes from deep-rooted self-love inside of yourself. Be true to YOU right now because no one knows how to love themselves better than you. It might sound cliche, but when was the last time you looked at yourself? Each day is a new opportunity to find ways to be the best version of yourself. There's no need to let your bad days get in the way of trying something new and different tomorrow. You are enough, worthy just as you are today. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. That's why each day I start with personal devotion, (which might include yoga, meditation, prayer, reading of scripture, and exercise). These activities help me to remember that I am enough just as I am! I often listen to podcasts, TED talks, and other inspiring messages while I am exercising. This routine has become my "daily's". It helps me feel more balanced and energized for the rest of my day - by remembering how beautiful life is and all it has to offer! You can make your own routines. You don't have to do the same thing every day of course, but finding what works for you is crucial and will help set yourself up for success! You deserve a break. Get FREE access to our CairnThe- Load app with our You Are Enough Community! As part of the Best Holistic Community, get an exclu- sive deal on free downloads for members in the "You Are Enough" community-our way of saying thank you for always being there when people need someone who understands them or just wants someone else around without judgment. Uplifting is a word often associated with happy moments and good feelings. Join Cairn the Load Community for posts that will make you feel great every day!

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